in case of emergency

contemporary art

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Jackie Mock, Soil Samples from Every State in the United States Collected via Craigslist, 2011. Soil samples in glass bottles displayed in order of state population from greatest to least as stated in the 2010 U.S. Census Report in a handmade cabinet constructed from an antique barn door with a metal tag bearing the name of each state. one-puddle
Jackie Mock, One Puddle, One Year, 18th Street and 7th Avenue, New York City, 2015. Box containing photographs chronicling the life of one puddle throughout one year. europeanwaterJackie Mock, Water from American Places with European Names, 2010-11. From left: Glasgow, KY Portsmouth, RI Newport, RI Berlin, NY Scotland, PA Manchester, NH Versailles, KY Hamburg, PA Glasgow, WV Paris, KY.
goldencassetteJackie Mock, In Case of Emergency , 2010.
Mixtape found on Bleecker Street, gold leaf, custom wooden frame, glass.

Jackie Mock, Pigeon Footprint Found in Snow, 2009, Found on Minetta Lane, New York City.
last-wordJackie Mock, The First Word of Every Book I Own, 2013. Text pasted on paper, handmade frame.

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