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A year ago from today, I left my Photography program feeling the way I think most art students feel when art school is over.. lost. Graduation comes and you gain your degree but you lose your labs, computers, printers, scanners, worn-down but beloved facilities, wise faculty and most of all.. your support system. The community of artists and friends that you could always count on being in the darkroom or computer lab at all hours of the night. The people who know more about you than your closest friends, because they’ve spent the last five years seeing your work, learning your inner demons, critiquing your images and obsessing over color balance, exposures and camera equipment with you. The people who don’t brush off photography as just a silly obsession, but know it as a way of life. The people who understand. It’s strange to leave art school and to know what to do next.

It’s hard to believe I graduated college exactly one year ago. It’s been a life changing year full of exciting developments. I got my dream internship in the Contemporary Art department at the Phoenix Art Museum and worked tirelessly on an exhibition I am so proud of. I traveled to Europe for the first time and saw so much art I went into an art-induced coma, AND after months and months of the never ending application process, I got accepted into a Masters program in NYC for the Fall.

Life is moving on.. but I still miss the smell of chemicals from the color processor, the eery sounds of Matthew Halls, walking past the critique room to hear a group of sleep deprived photo students arguing about sequencing….

Some work by the people I miss the most.

professor, Betsy Schneider, Cassi from the project Triskaidekaphboia 2012

 Hayley Brunetto, Untitled 2011

 professor, Christian Widmer, Untitled from Non Zero Sum 2010 artistwebsite

 Jenna Weinstein, Trevor 2011 artistwebsite. 

Adrian Lesoing, Suburbia: 85201 2009 artistwebsite.

Spenser Loofa Lee, Van 2010 artistwebsite.

Logan Bellew, Untitled from Temporal artistwebsite.

Tiffiney Yazzie, Hayley 2011 artistwebsite.

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  1. I think the work that Betsy is doing is so cool! I can’t wait to see the final product! Thanks for including me :) I miss you too, lady! AND I also miss the creepy noises from Matthews Hall!

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