represent the world


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Lisa Oppenheim, Calendar, 1763-1818, 2013. Silver gelatin black & white photographs exposed and solarized by fire light and toned photograms.

a-sequence-in-which-a-protester-throws-back-a-smoke-bomb-while-clashing-with-police-in-ferguson-missouri-version-iii-b-240-750x569Lisa Oppenheim, A sequence in which a protester throws back a smoke bomb while clashing with police in Ferguson, Missouri (Version III), 2015, Silver gelatin photograph exposed and solarized by firelight.

44.-The-Sun-is-Always-Setting-Somewhere-Else-1-750x498Lisa Oppenheim,The Sun is Always Setting Somewhere Else, 2006.
Looped slide projection of 15 slides, 35mm Kodak Ektagraphic Slide Projector.

46.-The-Sun-is-Always-Setting-Somewhere-Else-10-750x498Lisa Oppenheim, The Sun is Always Setting Somewhere Else, 2006.

Lisa Oppenheim, The Sun is Always Setting Somewhere Else, 2006.

one and one


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Every Afternoon
Every Afternoon from Closer Than Known, Unique Analogue C-type Print.

Detritus SpectrumDetritus Spectrum from Closer Than Known, Unique Analogue C-type Print.

Pheonix ReclinataPhoenix Reclinata from Closer Than Known, Unique Analogue C-type Print.
FieldField from She Said What, Analogue C-type montage.

Caught in this


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37_4x5_040215_019_1000pxlAll images Jasmine Rayne Clark, Untitled from In Progress, 2015



There was a time when I was constantly looking through Tina Barney’s Theater of Manners because I was also thinking about how to justifiably and unbiasedly photograph family life (She is grappling with it whether she wants to acknowledge it or not.) It’s been a couple years since I’ve thought about that series, so I welcomed the news that four decades worth of images by Tina Barney were on view at Paul Kasmin GalleryBetter than the show though, is that she now also has a website with each series’ gallery deep of images. This is a big upgrade from how I used to few her work back in 2009. Eitherway, looking through I had a few thoughts; Titles are important but can seriously detract too. How did Brian Williams get in there? and Is there anyone else out there making large-format portraits that feel this much like a snapshot?

Tina Barney, The Orange Room fromThe Europeans1996.
BAR139+2003+The+HuntTina Barney, The Hunt fromThe Europeans2003.
BAR138+2003+The+HandsTina Barney, The Hands fromThe Europeans2003. BAR114+1996V+Three+GenerationsTina Barney, Untitled fromThe Europeans. BAR103+1996R+The+BreakfastTina Barney, The Breakfast fromThe Europeans,1996. BAR106+1996R+The+Fencing+LessonTina Barney, The Fencing Lesson from The Europeans, 1996. 
BAR112+1996V+The+FoyerTina Barney, The Foyer fromThe Europeans, 1996. BAR102+1996R+The+TapestryTina Barney, The Tapestry fromThe Europeans, 1996
Tina Barney, The Bust fromThe Europeans, 2003
BAR153+The+Antique+ShopTina Barney, The Antique Shop fromThe Europeans, 2003.

Tina Barney’s artist website here.
Read more about Tina Barney’s work here and here. 

the nature of things

contemporary art

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Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 10.08.36 PMCaroline Augusta, Claim Jumper
Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 10.09.17 PMCaroline Augusta, Parched, Hand Cut Paper Collage.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 10.08.53 PMCaroline Augusta, But don’t you dream always?
Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 10.11.44 PM
Caroline Augusta, City of Dreams


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ReciprocityOfLooking-004[all images] Dana Buhl, Untitled from The Reciprocity of Looking, 2014

Explore Dana Buhl’s exhibition space, The Table here. 


swans amputees


Erica Baum’s artist website here.

Erica Baum, Investigation (Naked Eye) 2014.

Erica Baum, Kent State (Stills) 2014. EB.198.Towel.2009Erica Baum, Towel (Naked Eye) 2009.

Erica Baum, Interrogation (Stills) 2014.

Erica Baum, Taxi (Naked Eye) 2014.

Erica Baum, Next (Stills) 2014.

beyond photographic

Art, Photography

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IMG_8987Barbara Weissberger, rock and red stripes from Collage Formation 2014.


Barbara Weissberger, double pencil from Collage Formation 2014.

cf silver sail

Barbara Weissberger, silver sail from Collage Formation 2014.

cf hollywood stars

Barbara Weissberger, Hollywood Stars Show Off their Favorite Pillows from Collage Formation 2014. cfwhitepaper

Barbara Weissberger, white paper from Collage Formation  2012.

stacked and wrapped — harmoniously, improbably, united in their disparity. – Sherrie Flick

permanent and ingrained


Family snapshots turned into photographic objects through embroidered pixellation… recently there has been an increase in this type of photo intervention but Diane Meyer’s process is getting at something greater than merely the loss of the physical image. She is marrying the past, the craft and the digital future into one plain of complex layer upon layer. 

02Meyer_New_JErseyII_MeyerDiane Meyer, New Jersey II from Time Spent That Might Otherwise Be Forgotten 2011.

01Meyer_New_JErseyI_MeyerDiane Meyer, New Jersey I from Time Spent That Might Otherwise Be Forgotten 2011.

11Meyer_DisneylandDiane Meyer, Disneyland I from Time Spent That Might Otherwise Be Forgotten 2013.

06Meyer_New_JErseyVI_MeyerDiane Meyer, New Jersey VI from Time Spent That Might Otherwise Be Forgotten 2012.

03Meyer_New_JErseyIII_MeyerDiane Meyer, New Jersey III from Time Spent That Might Otherwise Be Forgotten 2012.

12Meyer_TheWestDiane Meyer, The West I from Time Spent That Might Otherwise Be Forgotten 2011.

Diane Meyer’s artist website here. 

“I am interested in the failures of photography in preserving experience and personal history, as well as the means by which photographs transform history into nostalgic objects that obscure understandings of the past.” – Diane Meyer.

I wandered lonely as a cloud


Screen shot 2014-04-28 at 11.17.14 PMJan Zimmerman, Swedan #4390 2011.

here + this.

spying realizations


Kerry Butcher’s Artist Website Here. 

PageImage-501098-2743806-4751119394_6021f2bb3a_bKerry Butcher, Untitled from Seen. 

PageImage-501098-2743803-4298729168_7d29cc726e_bKerry Butcher, Untitled from Seen. 

PageImage-501098-2743804-4376820255_b1c1fd59c3_bKerry Butcher, Untitled from Seen. 

PageImage-501098-3535860-Picture12Kerry Butcher, Untitled from Seen. 

build your dream


Rebecca Carter’s artist website here. 

Rebecca Carter, Untitled from Moonscape Collages. 

IMG_1099web-e1396733467817-459x433Rebecca Carter, Untitled from Moonscape Collages. 

IMG_1109web-e1396733363134-465x433Rebecca Carter, Untitled from Moonscape Collages. 

feetmoonweb-e1380223837149-330x433Rebecca Carter, Untitled from Moonscape Collages. 

IMG_1035web-e1380223682779-539x433Rebecca Carter, Untitled from Moonscape Collages. 

houseon-moonweb-e1380237566958-428x433Rebecca Carter, Untitled from Moonscape Collages. 

IMG_1036web-e1380237618718-499x433Rebecca Carter, Untitled from Moonscape Collages. 

IMG_1042web-e1380324023210-462x433Rebecca Carter, Untitled from Moonscape Collages. 

IMG_1116web-e1396733813221-400x433Rebecca Carter, Untitled from Moonscape Collages. 

and everywhere


more work here. 

ZL-camera-obscura-MG-Zoe Leonard, 453 West 17th Street ,Lens and darkened room 2012. 

ZL-camera-obscura-MG-9-Zoe Leonard, 453 West 17th Street ,Lens and darkened room 2012. 
ZL-camera-obscura-MG-12Zoe Leonard, 453 West 17th Street ,Lens and darkened room 2012. 

ZL-camera-obscura-MG-7 Zoe Leonard, 453 West 17th Street ,Lens and darkened room 2012.
ZL-camera-obscura-MG-4 Zoe Leonard, 453 West 17th Street ,Lens and darkened room 2012.

ZL-camera-obscura-MG-13Zoe Leonard, 453 West 17th Street ,Lens and darkened room 2012. 

What is photography? Is it a print or an object, is it a jpeg on your screen or does it only exist if you print it out? Is it a snapshot on your phone, a slide projection, or the image you see in your mind before you click the shutter?  In short, is photography a thing, or a picture, or is it a way of seeing? – Zoe Leonard

moving always


Penelope Umbrico, detail from installation “Mountains, Moving: of George C. Poundstone 1926 – 2013.


Penelope Umbrico, detail from installation of Moving Mountrains 2011.

PenelopeUmbrico_Interview_01Penelope Umbrico, Mock-up for exhibition installation of Moving Mountains (1850–2012) for Aperture Remix, 2012.


Penelope Umbrico, Mock-up for exhibition installation of Moving Mountains (1850–2012) for Aperture Remix, 2012.

Screen shot 2014-03-23 at 9.16.06 PMPenelope Umbrico, detail from Moving Mountains 2011.

Screen shot 2014-03-23 at 9.18.05 PM

Penelope Umbrico, Double Weston with 35mm Medium Format Vintage Instant and Lightleak, from Mountains, Moving 2014.

 I travel, navigate, through virtual space and I look for things that will support an idea I have. I make screenshots or download images and crop them in specific ways for what I am looking for. I frame the virtual world the way I want to see it. This is what a photographer does, frames and edits the world in the way that she sees it. So, at one point, I decided not to make a distinction between my practice and traditional photographic practice.  – Penelope Umbrico from here. 

time moves still

Art, Photography

Claire A. Warden’s Artist Website Here. 

7960517_origClaire Warden, Untitled from series CREATOR/DESTROYER 2013.

800208_origClaire Warden, Untitled from series CREATOR/DESTROYER 2013.

1076699_origClaire Warden, Untitled from series CREATOR/DESTROYER 2013.

1282707_origClaire Warden, Untitled from series CREATOR/DESTROYER 2013.

6096918_orig-1Claire Warden, Untitled from series CREATOR/DESTROYER 2013.

see rest of series here. 

To Taoism that which is absolutely still or absolutely perfect is absolutely dead, for without the possibility of growth and change there can be no Tao. In reality there is nothing in the universe which is completely perfect or completely still; – Alan Watts.