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Eric Fleischauer & Jason Lazarus, trailer for twohundredfiftysixcolors 2013.

twohundredfiftysixcolors is an experimental feature length film made entirely of animated .gif’s that traces the file format’s arc of increased complexity and pointed use since it was introduced in 1987.” – read more about the film here. 

all gifs below found on the project’s tumblr TWOHUNDREDFIFTYSIXCOLORS. tumblr_m3762f1bQt1qg39ewo1_500


94050014gif_6Nick Cave @ Grand Central station.

tumblr_n0coopTCxN1r44jpfo1_500Imitation of Bruce Nauman, Life, Death, Love, Hate, Pleasure, Pain 2003. source. 





Hope Dreams II 2013. source. 

tumblr_mzvursQg8f1rt28efo1_500James Kerr of scorpiandagger

tumblr_n0g4s56U591rt28efo1_500James Kerr of scorpiandagger


tethered motion


more work by William Lamson here. 

William Lamson, Between Now and Forever 2013.

William Lamson, Hunt and Gather, 2008.

William Lamson, Emerge 2007.


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I think these video works by Arizona-based artist, Malena Barnhart are really interesting. Also be sure to look at her series Family Album over on her website.

Makeup Tutorials, 2013.

“This video pairs found YouTube clips of tweens alongside reenactments. Each tween has an older adult woman performing a verbatim reenactment of her YouTube plea. The tweens and women have never met, yet they are connected.”  [excerpt from her website] – read more about this work Here. 

Malena Barnhart, Christmas Haul #2 Hair Straighteners 2013.

“In this piece, found Youtube footage of men insulting and trying to sexually intimidate their phones, exists alongside staged shots of a woman unsuccessfully attempting to forge a female friendship with hers.” – Read more about this work here. 

Artist Website Here. 



A completely random assortment of stuff I have kept. Camera Recording its Own Condition (7 Apertures, 10 Speeds, 2 Mirrors) 1971 by John Hilliard born 1945John Hilliard, Camera Recording Its Own Condition (7 Apertures, 10 Speeds, 2 Mirrors) 1971. Source. 

Screen shot 2013-07-18 at 9.28.09 PMSource. 

Nimbus-02-640Berndnaut Smilde, Nimbus Green Room 2013. Source. 

Screen shot 2013-07-18 at 9.37.39 PMDavid Mowbray, A Heavy Regret 2011. Artist Website Here. 

slide_306544_2651672_freeLyvia Aylward-Davies, I Will Shit On Everything You Love 2011. Artist Shop Here. 

IMG_8389_2Brad Downey for PublicArt Horsens 2013. Source. 

tumblr_mhzu55BeYD1qi2f19o1_500Pictures of Pictures of Chris Burden, Urban Light 2008 @ Lacma. Source. 

Marsden-in-Caro-02-320(A cat on) Anthony Caro, Case Study 2011. Source. 

tumblr_mojfwutPnh1qdrgo9o1_500David Mowbray, The Wordless Opponent.  

Adam Larsen & Janice Lancaster, Ever Ever Ever 2008.

frank-41-CustomRobert Frank, For The Glory of the Wind and the Water 1976. Source.

A Photographic Memory

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This trailer is a preview of the film that photographer, Rachel Elizabeth Seed is in the process of making chronicling her quest to know her mother, a photographer and journalist that passed away when she was a young girl, through the legacy of photographs, footage and the personal connections she left behind.  Seed has created a kickstarter to campaign for the rest of the budget she needs to complete the film. Just from the footage in the trailer and from her Motherless series (below), I am completely moved and I hope that she meets her goal to finish the film. If you want to see A Photographic Memory get made, you can donate here. 

website_7546Rachel Seed, Untitled from Motherless Series.

Motherless Daughters series.Rachel Seed, Tina, Gazing, Cologne, Germany from Motherless Series.

diane_2506Rachel Seed, Diane, with mother’s gloves, Denver, Colorado from Motherless Series.

IMG2_9757copyRachel Seed, Aysha holding her mother’s candelabra, Santa Fe, New Mexico from Motherless Series.

marcie_9190Rachel Seed, Marcie with her mother’s picture, Palo Alto, California from Motherless Series.

IMG_3Rachel Seed, Megan in mum’s housecoat, Stirling, Scotland from Motherless Series.

IMG_2139Rachel Seed, Lisa, Louisville, Kentucky from Motherless Series.

IMG_9386Rachel Seed, Clinton, Bloomington, Indiana from Motherless Series 2010.

mariyaRachel Seed, Mariya, Louisville, Kentucky from Motherless Series.

Rachel Seed, Rachel, San Francisco, California from Motherless Series.

Rachel Seed’s Artist Website Here. 
Rachel Seed’s Kickstarter campaign for A Photographic Memory, Donate HERE. 

any given day

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Street by James Nares is currently on view at The Met. This clip only provides a small glimpse of the magic, intrigue and personality that the artwork possesses. I never thought watching a stranger do something as mundane as typing a text or carrying groceries could ever be so captivating or nuanced, but Nares in a span of a week in 2011, manages to perfectly encapsulate the diverse fabric of people that make up New York City, and makes every moment just as dramatic as the next. In his own words, “I wanted the film to be about people. All it needed were magical moments, and there are enough of those happening every moment of any given day.”  This piece is a must see.

James Nares Artist Website HERE.

Another clip of Street HERE. 

The Inocente.


“Dear people of the world, just because I’m homeless doesn’t mean I don’t have a life because I do have a life. I’m a girl who likes to jump in puddles and who likes flowers. When I paint I feel happy so it’s a good way to start my mornings. Just paint. On Something”– Inocente Izucar

I love the oscars and was elated that the film Inocente won Best Short last night. It follows a young Latina immigrant in San Diego growing up homeless with a less than ideal family life, who finds purpose and peace through making art. With help from the program Arts: A Reason to Survive she is given a chance to create work for a solo exhibition. It truly is a film that’s beautiful, heart-breaking and inspiring. You can watch the entire short film HERE. 

Global Grove


Nam June Piak

Nam June Paik, ElectroSymbio-Phonics for Phoenix, 1992. On view at the Phoenix Art Museum.

The moment I first saw  Nam June Paik’s, ElectroSymbio-Phonics at the Phoenix Art Museum and learned that it was originally commissioned and installed in the Phoenix Sun’s Arena.. I instantly fell in love with the pioneer of video art.  I am very eager to get myself over to Washington D.C. to experience the Smithsonian’s monumental exhibition, Nam June Paik: Global Visionary. The Smithsonian has on view over 140 of Paik’s most pivotal works, from their newly acquired Nam June Paik Archive, as well as borrowed works from public and private collections. It looks like a substantially impressive exhibition and I look forward to experiencing it.

Check out a photo gallery & review Here & if your in the area go see it before it closes August 11.

nam june paikNam june paik

top: Nam June Paik, Electronic Superhighway: Continental U.S. 1995   bottom: Nam June Paik, TV Garden 1974-2000. [photo credit: Chang W.Lee/NYTs]

Also, check out the Paik-Abe Video Synthesizer an invention that Paik claimed..

will enable us to shape the TV screen canvas
as precisely as Leonardo
as freely as Picasso
as colorfully as Renoir
as profoundly as Mondrian
as violently as Pollock
and as lyrically as Jasper Johns.

Actually Doing the Things

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Stefan Sagmeister is an artists/designer who uses typography, video and imagery in a fresh and innovative way. I visited his exhibition, The Happy Show at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia over the weekend. The playful show invites the viewer to enter into the mind of Sagmeister and embark with him on his quest to find happiness. For his film The Happy Film Sagemiester attempts to train his mind to learn happiness by experimenting with meditation, therapy and mood-altering drugs. The first 14 minutes of the film, which won’t fully premiere until next year, is shown as part of the exhibition along with sculptures, videos, photographs, images and his trade-mark writing which literally invades nearly every wall in the museum. His personal narrative is an integral point of this show and activates the in-between space between the art, the museum and the viewers. There is so much more I can say about my experience with this exhibition, but I think the work can do the explaining.. for now, I will just tell you I left feeling.. well happy. Happiness Symbol Survery, 2012 (visit the Happy Tumblr HERE &  Flickr HERE to see entries.)

our happy symbols that were clearly influenced by our trip to the aquarium earlier in the day.

Everybody Thinks, in collaboration with Monika Aichele and Sportogo 2007

Happiness Instructional Card Dispenser, 2012 (these were at the entrance, you pushed a button and received a card with instructions)

some of Sagmeister’s commentary throughout the museum.. made me chuckle.

Trying to Look Good Limits My Life, in collaboration with Matthias Ernstberger 2004

Documentation of Banana Wall, in collaboration with Joe Shouldice 2008

Gumball Personal Happiness Survey, 2012

Actually Doing the Things I Set Out To DO Increases My Overall Level of Satisfation, 2012

Over Time I Get Used to Everything, 2007 (I loved this piece because on the wall next to it he explains how he has lived in New York City for 10 years and the things he does in this video are things he has never done before. 

A video I made of the neon sign piece. Basically when you walk into the gallery you are confronted by this giant neon sign that says “Seek Discomfort.” There is a bike in the middle of the room with really, no instructions.. I had a hunch what was going to happen once someone started riding the bike, but as I was waiting for my friend to finish the film he was watching so that he could film me, this girl beat me to it! It was still quite beautiful. 

watch & listen

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trailer for Louise Bourgeois: The Spider, The Mistress and the Tangerine. Watchhere.

Doug Aitken, Song 1 projected on the Hirschhorn learnmore.

The Office Killer, Directed by Cindy Sherman. streamhere.

The Con Artist by Mark Kostabi watchit.

Hiraki Sawa, Going Places, Sitting Down 2004

and listen to THIS  love story.

virtual art tour

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short film on Yayoi Kusama

virtual tour of her retrospective at the Tate Modern

time lapse of her Obliteration Room

Accumulation is how the  stars and the earth don’t exist alone, but rather the entire universe is made of an accumulation of the stars.- Yayoi Kusama


who’s that girl 2.0

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Alex Prager, Despair 2010 artistwebsite.


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I am visiting Dallas, TX for the weekend and really hoping I’ll have time to head down to the DMA for  Mark Bradford’s solo show!

I love his paintings but I am anxious to see more of his video work!

and an article on this work. 

from a passing car

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Nam June Paik, Electronic Superhighway: Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, video installation +neon, steel and electrical components. 1995 Currently at the Smithsonian.

I love that Texas got inverted so the US could stay on balance and desperately wish I could see this in person to watch the TVs, that highlight each of the states.

the price of art

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Cory Arcangel, Arnold Schoenberg’s, Drei Klavierstucke, Op.11