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Visit Lisa Oppenheim’s website here.

Lisa Oppenheim, Calendar, 1763-1818, 2013. Silver gelatin black & white photographs exposed and solarized by fire light and toned photograms.

a-sequence-in-which-a-protester-throws-back-a-smoke-bomb-while-clashing-with-police-in-ferguson-missouri-version-iii-b-240-750x569Lisa Oppenheim, A sequence in which a protester throws back a smoke bomb while clashing with police in Ferguson, Missouri (Version III), 2015, Silver gelatin photograph exposed and solarized by firelight.

44.-The-Sun-is-Always-Setting-Somewhere-Else-1-750x498Lisa Oppenheim,The Sun is Always Setting Somewhere Else, 2006.
Looped slide projection of 15 slides, 35mm Kodak Ektagraphic Slide Projector.

46.-The-Sun-is-Always-Setting-Somewhere-Else-10-750x498Lisa Oppenheim, The Sun is Always Setting Somewhere Else, 2006.

Lisa Oppenheim, The Sun is Always Setting Somewhere Else, 2006.

natural graffiti


All images by David Alekhuogie. To see more visit his website here. 5487880_orig


and some reading. 


My Photography


city totem





Read this article discussing the impact the camera phone has had on society and watch the trailer for the documentary, Brave New Camera. 

Expanded Field


Kyle Ford’s artist website here.10. 37¡42'54.66"N 119¡40'35.49"W

Kyle Ford, 37°42’54.66″N 119°40’35.49″W from An American Road Trip.

11. 36¡02'52.39"N 112¡05'39.00"W

Kyle Ford, 36°02’52.39″N 112°05’39.00″W from An American Road Trip. 

3638-22.5522N 10849-32.7222W_800

Kyle Ford, 36°38’22.55″N 108°49’32.72″W from An American Road Trip.  12. 37¡43'14.00"N 119¡38'54.50"W

Kyle Ford, 37°43’14.00″N 119°38’54.50″W from An American Road Trip.  4432-05.9722N 11048-06.5322W_800

Kyle Ford, 44°32’05.97″N 110°48’06.53″W from An American Road Trip. 

4843-36.5722N 11343-26.9122W_800Kyle Ford, 48°43’36.57″N 113°43’26.91″W from An American Road Trip. 

3744-23.2322N 11934-15.8022W_800

Kyle Ford, 37°44’23.23″N 119°34’15.80″W from An American Road Trip. 

Critical consensus would have it that the problem today is not that just about anything image-based can now be called photographic, but that that photography itself has been foreclosed, cashiered, abandoned – outmoded technologically and displaced aesthetically. – George Baker, “Photography’s Expanded Field”

hollow eyes


Visit Andrew Hammerand’s artist website here. 

“The New Town”
“Watching a midwestern town with their own camera.”

hammerand11Andrew Hammerand, Untitled from The New Town 2013.

22Andrew Hammerand, Untitled from The New Town 2013.

1Andrew Hammerand, Untitled from The New Town 2013.

25Andrew Hammerand, Untitled from The New Town 2013.

v2_4Andrew Hammerand, Untitled from The New Town 2013.

14Andrew Hammerand, Untitled from The New Town 2013.

v2_7Andrew Hammerand, Untitled from The New Town 2013.

11Andrew Hammerand, Untitled from The New Town 2013.

18Andrew Hammerand, Untitled from The New Town 2013.

Picture1226Andrew Hammerand, Untitled from The New Town 2013.

v2_1Andrew Hammerand, Untitled from The New Town 2013.

read more here. 

moving always


Penelope Umbrico, detail from installation “Mountains, Moving: of George C. Poundstone 1926 – 2013.


Penelope Umbrico, detail from installation of Moving Mountrains 2011.

PenelopeUmbrico_Interview_01Penelope Umbrico, Mock-up for exhibition installation of Moving Mountains (1850–2012) for Aperture Remix, 2012.


Penelope Umbrico, Mock-up for exhibition installation of Moving Mountains (1850–2012) for Aperture Remix, 2012.

Screen shot 2014-03-23 at 9.16.06 PMPenelope Umbrico, detail from Moving Mountains 2011.

Screen shot 2014-03-23 at 9.18.05 PM

Penelope Umbrico, Double Weston with 35mm Medium Format Vintage Instant and Lightleak, from Mountains, Moving 2014.

 I travel, navigate, through virtual space and I look for things that will support an idea I have. I make screenshots or download images and crop them in specific ways for what I am looking for. I frame the virtual world the way I want to see it. This is what a photographer does, frames and edits the world in the way that she sees it. So, at one point, I decided not to make a distinction between my practice and traditional photographic practice.  – Penelope Umbrico from here. 

moving windows


Steven Turville’s artist website here. 

25ceadf8b7d368b2fe247ac8f6665c4adc2f582f_large.Steven Turville, Untitled from Street View. 

136ea9bf67d54415da8ee71c6a5f32903680d72b_large.Steven Turville, Untitled from Street View. 

5a06486e7202a810753442b404443581478ee967_large.Steven Turville, Untitled from Street View. 

145f0e3fcbca3f6d805c8d5e59a5b6fb9e17f599_large.Steven Turville, Untitled from Street View. 

167315b56db1ddd4b229020107d9e515a392904a_large.Steven Turville, Untitled from Street View. 

0a8a8ef79a199c52d0475a9a91694343844fc6fa_large.Steven Turville, Untitled from Street View. 

Thinking about how these images taken from a car function differently from these photographs appropriated from a machine.

shifting void

Art, Photography

Penelope Umbrico’s Artist Website Here. 3_suncopyright2-1Penelope Umbrico, 36 Copyrighted Suns/ Screengrabs 2009-2012.

Inst_BookpedGridPenelope Umbrico, Image Collection #2: Instances of Books as Pedestals (from home-decor and home-improvement websites and catalogs) 2007.  

Screen shot 2013-11-05 at 6.28.03 PM

Penelope Umbrico, Views from the Internet (from home improvement websites) 2008.

signalsPenelope Umbrico, Signals Still 2011.

Signals Still is a set of images of the screens of TVs for sale on Craigslist. As the substrate on which one sees the image, the screen both sifts and registers the result of the sift. I was drawn to the TVs that were turned on but expressed no image, only signal. Emitting eerie light, they are present but mute, they hum or hiss but tell no story. I wonder what invisible signals are received and projected, what necessary signals are sifted out by way of the medium’s inability to register the sign. – Penelope Umbrico

death drive

Art, Photography

All photographs found under Texas on Doug Rickard’s online photographic archive, These Americans. 

Screen shot 2013-11-03 at 7.47.12 PM  Marc St. Gil, Leakey, Texas, USA from DOCUMERICA 1971-1977.

Screen shot 2013-11-03 at 7.47.29 PMMarc St. Gil, Leakey, Texas, USA from DOCUMERICA 1971-1977.

Screen shot 2013-11-03 at 7.47.48 PM Marc St. Gil, Leakey, Texas, USA from DOCUMERICA 1971-1977.

Screen shot 2013-11-03 at 7.48.44 PMMarc St. Gil, Leakey ,Texas, USA from DOCUMERICA 1971-1977.

Screen shot 2013-11-03 at 7.49.10 PM Screen shot 2013-11-03 at 7.49.16 PMBlair Pittman, Brewster,Texas,USA from DOCUMERICA 1971-1977.

Screen shot 2013-11-03 at 7.43.27 PMTexas-Mexico Border Crossing from TRAJAN DRIVE COLLECTION 1953.

Screen shot 2013-11-03 at 7.44.51 PMGertrude Fitzgerald, El Paso and Border Towns  from BORDER COLLECTION 1890-1920.

Screen shot 2013-11-03 at 7.45.32 PMMarc St. Gil, Leakey, Texas, November, 1972 from DOCUMERICA 1971-1977.

Screen shot 2013-11-03 at 7.45.52 PMMarc St. Gil, Leakey, Texas, USA from DOCUMERICA 1971-1977.

Screen shot 2013-11-03 at 7.46.40 PMBob Smith, Dallas, Texas, USA from DOCUMERICA 1971-1977.

 Might archival art emerge out of a similar sense of a failure in cultural memory,
of a default in productive traditions? For why else connect so feverishly if things
did not appear so frightfully disconnected in the first place?  – 
Hal Foster, An Archival Impulse.

electronic future

Art, Photography

It’s only been 4 days since I turned in my dissertation yet I still feel like I am not done thinking about this body of work made of screen-grabs from webcam livestreams by Michael Max McLeod…

We only see what we look at. To look is an act of choice. – John Berger

photographs-streams07Michael Max McLeod, File #03689 09/27/2010 8:18 AM MT from Streams 2009-ongoing.

photographs-streams08Michael Max McLeod, File #00269 04/16/2009 11:34 PM MT from Streams 2009-ongoing.

photographs-streams01Michael Max McLeod, File #00378 4/17/2009 8:43 PM MT from Streams 2009-ongoing.

photographs-streams05Michael Max McLeod, File #02600 4/10/10 9:06 PM MT from Streams 2009-ongoing.

photographs-streams06Michael Max McLeod, File #00514 04/18/2009 12:51 PM MT from Streams 2009-ongoing.

photographs-streams02Michael Max McLeod, File #01273 06/25/2009 1:13 AM MT from Streams 2009-ongoing.

photographs-streams04Michael Max McLeod, File #03395 07/27/2010 2:35 AM MT from Streams 2009-ongoing.

photographs-streams03Michael Max McLeod, File #00984 06/12/2009 11:15 AM MT  from Streams 2009-ongoing.

Michael Max McLeod, File #04346 01/24/2011 6:42 PM MT from Streams 2009-ongoing.

Michael Max McLeod’s Artist Website Here. 

to look is a choice

Art, Photography

Mishka Henner’s Artist Website here. 

Carretera de Fortuna- Murcia- Spain_900
 Mishka Henner, Carretera de Fortuna, Murcia, Spain from the series, No Man’s Land 2011.
Strada Provinciale Binasco Melegnano- Carpiano- Lombardy- Italy_8_900
  Mishka Henner, Strada Provinciale Binasco Melegnano, Carpiano, Lombardy, Italy from the series, No Man’s Land 2011.
Carretera de Olot- Crespi- CT- Spain_900
 Mishka Henner, Carretera de Olot, Crespià, CT, Spain from the series, No Man’s Land 2011. SS98- Cerignola Foggia- Italy_900
 Mishka Henner, SS98, Cerignola Foggia, Italy from the series, No Man’s Land 2011. Viale dei Fontanili- Rho- Lombardy- Italy_11_900
 Mishka Henner, Viale dei Fontanili, Rho, Lombardy, Italy from the series, No Man’s Land 2011. Via Rigosa- Bologna- Emilia-Romagna- Italy_9_900
 Mishka Henner, Via Rigosa, Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy from the series, No Man’s Land 2011.
An image is a sight which has been recreated or reproduced. It is an appearance, or a set of appearances which has been detached from the place and time in which it first make its appearance and preserved – for a few moment or a few centuries. Every image embodies a way of seeing. – John Berger

become silhouettes

Art, My Photography, Photography

sunsetportraitsPenelope Umbrico, Sunset Portraits 2011. Artist Website Here. 

02(my photographuntitled from Simple Twist of Fate 2009.

referents removed.

Art, Photography

All Images from Jon Rafman’s series 9 Eyes, using Google Map Street Views.
See entire series HERE. tumblr_l2jcvu1Zth1qzun8oo1_1280

















The electronic future is as inevitable as our loss of faith in the integrity of  photographic images. – Andy Grundberg, Photography in the Age of Electronic Simulation. 

that was fleeting.

Art, Photography

Jason Evan’s Artist Website Here.
Read the essay  Online Photographic Thinking written by Jason Evans Here. Jason_Evans_252
Jason Evans, Untitled 

Jason_Evans_161Jason Evans, Untitled 

Jason_Evans_272Jason Evans, Untitled 

Jason_Evans_676Jason Evans, Untitled 

Jason_Evans_331Jason Evans, Untitled 

Jason_Evans_243Jason Evans, Untitled 

Jason Evans, Untitled

Jason Evans has another website, which shows one photograph at a time for a span of 24 hours. After the photograph has been shown on the website, it is gone – never to be seen again. I love how Evans takes a photograph, something that literally represents an exact moment in time and makes the very materiality of the image, ephemeral as well.

20130522Jason Evans, Untitled. Photograph for The Daily Nice, May 21, 2013.

Check out TheDailyNice.Com everyday to see a happy moment.

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Art, exhibitions

public private 05

The Exhibition Entrance is made out of QR codes that lead to artist making art utilizing the internet. 

Exhibition Website Herepublic private 1

Paolo Cirio’s Street Ghosts

public pirvat 2

Wafaa Bilal’s 3rdi

{This man surgically inserted a camera into the back of his head that took a photograph every minute, which got automatically uploaded to his site.}

public private 03

James Coupe’s Panoptic Panorama #2: Five People in a Room

public private 08

{The camera records you then loops it on the screens and matches the loop with twitter posts that fit your demographic. Me and Danielle just liked to take pictures of us taking pictures}

public private 06

Video camera that records people in gallery for Panoptic Panoramapublic private 04

 Paolo Cirio and Alessandro Ludovico’s Face to Facebook 

public private 07

exhibition statement. 
Check out The Public Private  at Parson’s {on 12th and 5th} until April 17.