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Visit Lisa Oppenheim’s website here.

Lisa Oppenheim, Calendar, 1763-1818, 2013. Silver gelatin black & white photographs exposed and solarized by fire light and toned photograms.

a-sequence-in-which-a-protester-throws-back-a-smoke-bomb-while-clashing-with-police-in-ferguson-missouri-version-iii-b-240-750x569Lisa Oppenheim, A sequence in which a protester throws back a smoke bomb while clashing with police in Ferguson, Missouri (Version III), 2015, Silver gelatin photograph exposed and solarized by firelight.

44.-The-Sun-is-Always-Setting-Somewhere-Else-1-750x498Lisa Oppenheim,The Sun is Always Setting Somewhere Else, 2006.
Looped slide projection of 15 slides, 35mm Kodak Ektagraphic Slide Projector.

46.-The-Sun-is-Always-Setting-Somewhere-Else-10-750x498Lisa Oppenheim, The Sun is Always Setting Somewhere Else, 2006.

Lisa Oppenheim, The Sun is Always Setting Somewhere Else, 2006.


Art, exhibitions, Photography

Alex Prager’s Artist Website Here. 

WEB-Diptych-Pacific-OceanAlex Prager, 3:14 PM, Pacific Ocean and Eye #9 (Passeger Casualties) from Compulsion 2012.

WEB-Diptych-Van-NuysAlex Prager, 4:29PM, Van Nuys and Eye #8 (Electric Tower) from Compulsion 2012.

WEB-Diptych-Silverlake-DriveAlex Prager, 1:18PM, Silverlake Drive and Eye #2 (Boulder) from Compulsion 2012.

WEB-Diptych-Interstate-110Alex Prager, 2 PM, Interstate 110 and Eye #6 from Compulsion 2012.

WEB-Diptych-Bunker-HillAlex Prager, 10:58 AM, Bunker Hill and Eye #7 (Suicide) from Compulsion 2012.


Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 6.17.24 PMAlex Prager, Crowd #2 (Emma) from Face in the Crowd 2012.

I am excited to see Alex Prager debut an all new series, “Face in the Crowd” at Corcoran Gallery of Art in 2 weeks! 

social abstraction

Art, exhibitions, Photography

Eileen Quinlan’s Artist website Here. 5_Quinlan-384x520Eileen Quinlan, Cock Rock 2011.

2_Quinlan-416x520Eileen Quinlan, Laura 2012.

1_Quinlan-422x520Eileen Quinlan, Sophia 2012.

3_Quinlan-428x520Eileen Quinlan, Black Friday 2011.

Screen shot 2013-10-01 at 6.47.40 PMEileen Quinlan, Ishtar 2012.