Expanded Field


Kyle Ford’s artist website here.10. 37¡42'54.66"N 119¡40'35.49"W

Kyle Ford, 37°42’54.66″N 119°40’35.49″W from An American Road Trip.

11. 36¡02'52.39"N 112¡05'39.00"W

Kyle Ford, 36°02’52.39″N 112°05’39.00″W from An American Road Trip. 

3638-22.5522N 10849-32.7222W_800

Kyle Ford, 36°38’22.55″N 108°49’32.72″W from An American Road Trip.  12. 37¡43'14.00"N 119¡38'54.50"W

Kyle Ford, 37°43’14.00″N 119°38’54.50″W from An American Road Trip.  4432-05.9722N 11048-06.5322W_800

Kyle Ford, 44°32’05.97″N 110°48’06.53″W from An American Road Trip. 

4843-36.5722N 11343-26.9122W_800Kyle Ford, 48°43’36.57″N 113°43’26.91″W from An American Road Trip. 

3744-23.2322N 11934-15.8022W_800

Kyle Ford, 37°44’23.23″N 119°34’15.80″W from An American Road Trip. 

Critical consensus would have it that the problem today is not that just about anything image-based can now be called photographic, but that that photography itself has been foreclosed, cashiered, abandoned – outmoded technologically and displaced aesthetically. – George Baker, “Photography’s Expanded Field”

whimsical and tragic


Susan Kae Grant’s artist website here. Screen shot 2014-07-28 at 8.19.18 PMSusan Kae Grant, The Memory Lingered, #044 2002-2005. Screen shot 2014-07-28 at 8.13.18 PMSusan Kae Grant, Sherry Box, #023 1999-2000.

Screen shot 2014-07-28 at 8.17.10 PMSusan Kae Grant, I Don’t Remember How He Got In, #004 2000-2002.

Screen shot 2014-07-28 at 8.14.47 PMSusan Kae Grant, What’s Being Offered, #002 2000-2002

it’s everywhere


Joe Mannino’s artist website here.

North_Carolina_Initial_Investigations_016 copyJoe Mannino, Untitled from North Carolina: Initial Investigations 2013-2014. 

North_Carolina_Initial_Investigations_015 copyJoe Mannino, Untitled from North Carolina: Initial Investigations 2013-2014. 

North_Carolina_Initial_Investigations_003 copyJoe Mannino, Untitled from North Carolina: Initial Investigations 2013-2014. 

North_Carolina_Initial_Investigations_009 copyJoe Mannino, Untitled from North Carolina: Initial Investigations 2013-2014. 

memory and time and change and time


Adam Neese’s Artist Website Here. 18_0716neesethe-place-we-would-meet-at-midnightAdam Neese, Untitled from A Known World. 

18_18114neeseshirahad_v2Adam Neese, Untitled from A Known World. 

18_251trebazonia_v2Adam Neese, Untitled from A Known World. 


Adam Neese, Untitled from A Known World. 

18_09108once-we-treed-a-possum-for-an-entire-nightAdam Neese, Untitled from A Known World. 

this interview with Adam Neese here. 

just not very well


Daniel Gordon’s artist website here. 

Daniel_Gordon_Flying2Daniel Gordon, No Title from Flying Pictures 2003.

Daniel_Gordon_Flying14Daniel Gordon, No Title from Flying Pictures 2003.

Daniel_Gordon_Flying12Daniel Gordon, No Title from Flying Pictures 2003.

Daniel_Gordon_Flying7 Daniel Gordon, No Title from Flying Pictures 2004.
Daniel_Gordon_FlyingxDaniel Gordon, No Title from Flying Pictures 2003.

Daniel_Gordon_Flying11Daniel Gordon, No Title from Flying Pictures 2001.

76danielgordonDaniel Gordon, No Title from Flying Pictures 2003.

77danielgordonDaniel Gordon, No Title from Flying Pictures 2002.

I don’t think of myself as a magician, or even really an illusionist, but there’s no doubt in my mind that the camera is both. – Daniel Gordon, read more here. 

spying realizations


Kerry Butcher’s Artist Website Here. 

PageImage-501098-2743806-4751119394_6021f2bb3a_bKerry Butcher, Untitled from Seen. 

PageImage-501098-2743803-4298729168_7d29cc726e_bKerry Butcher, Untitled from Seen. 

PageImage-501098-2743804-4376820255_b1c1fd59c3_bKerry Butcher, Untitled from Seen. 

PageImage-501098-3535860-Picture12Kerry Butcher, Untitled from Seen. 




Irby Pace’s artist website here. 2008-16Irby Pace, Jump 2009. 2009-101

Irby Pace, Your fine, but forget you!, 2010.


Irby, Sunny side of anywhere!, 2010.


Irby Pace, Looking Up 2010.


Irby Pace, Time for wine, 2010.

Irby Pace, Multi Sky 2010.


both the beginning and end.



looking at an older series, in a new way. 

14Jeff Harris, January 14, 2007. 

16-1Jeff Harris, January 16, 2007. 

18Jeff Harris, January 18, 2007.

15Jeff Harris, February 15, 2007.

13Jeff Harris, January 13, 2007.
04Jeff Harris, December 04, 2011. 

16Jeff Harris, November 16, 2011. 

26jeff Harris, November 26, 2011. 
28-1Jeff Harris, November 28, 2011. 

28Jeff Harris, December 28, 2011. 

29Jeff Harris, November 29, 2011. 

See Jeff Harris’s entire daily five-year self-portrait  archive here. 



and everywhere


more work here. 

ZL-camera-obscura-MG-Zoe Leonard, 453 West 17th Street ,Lens and darkened room 2012. 

ZL-camera-obscura-MG-9-Zoe Leonard, 453 West 17th Street ,Lens and darkened room 2012. 
ZL-camera-obscura-MG-12Zoe Leonard, 453 West 17th Street ,Lens and darkened room 2012. 

ZL-camera-obscura-MG-7 Zoe Leonard, 453 West 17th Street ,Lens and darkened room 2012.
ZL-camera-obscura-MG-4 Zoe Leonard, 453 West 17th Street ,Lens and darkened room 2012.

ZL-camera-obscura-MG-13Zoe Leonard, 453 West 17th Street ,Lens and darkened room 2012. 

What is photography? Is it a print or an object, is it a jpeg on your screen or does it only exist if you print it out? Is it a snapshot on your phone, a slide projection, or the image you see in your mind before you click the shutter?  In short, is photography a thing, or a picture, or is it a way of seeing? – Zoe Leonard

scratched imprint

Art, Photography

more work by Christopher Russell hereUntitledInterior50Christopher Russell, Untitled (Interior), Epson Ultrachrome Print run over by car 2010.

GhostShipWreck0Christopher Russell, Ghost Ship Wreck, Epson Ultrachrome HDR Print scratched with a razor 2012.

Fingerprint_20Christopher Russell, Fingerprint,  Epson Ultrachrome Print scratched with razor 2013.

Fox3Christopher Russell, Fox, Ultrachrome print scratched with a razor 2013.

all i really want to do

Art, Photography


Kevin Trageser’s artist website here. KT289-05Kevin Trageser, Lost Coast, California

KT289-12Kevin Trageser, Sinkyone, California. 

KT185-07Kevin Trageser, Graceland, Tennessee. 

KT225-13Kevin Trageser, Rachel, Nevada.

KT224-02_1Kevin Trageser, Boulder City, Nevada. 

KT086-18Kevin Trageser, New York City. 

AF_028-04Kevin Trageser, Bushland, Texas. 

KT229-10Kevin Trageser, Las Vegas

MyrtleBeach_X1-11Kevin Trageser, Myrtle Beach

KT258-03Kevin Trageser, Pinedale, Wyoming

KT025-01Kevin Trageser, New York City. 

KT268-03Kevin Trageser,  Winnemucca, Nevada

cicada summer

Art, Photography

Joshua White’s artist website here. tumblr_n0pleepway1r9wk2fo1_500








tumblr_mvpk6pxig11r9wk2fo1_500[all photographs] Joshua White, Untitled from A Photographic Survey 2012-2014.

 I am using my iPhone to capture these images, and all the editing takes place on the phone. Originally these images seemed like a diversion from my greater body of work dealing with memory and loss, but now it seems, as always seems to be the case, they fit right in. – Joshua White’s series statement. 

as close as i can get


Youssef Nabil’s artist website here. 
Youssef Nabil, Higher & Higher, Self Portrait, Vienna 2005.

sun_in_my_eyes_self_portraitYoussef Nabil, Sun in my Eyes, Self Portrait, Sardinia 2005.

self_portrait_naplesYoussef Nabil, Self Portrait, Naples 2003.

self_portrait_with_botticelliYoussef Nabil, Self Portrait with Botticelli, Florence 2009.

funfair_self_portraitYoussef Nabil, Funfair, Self Portrait, Paris 2005.

ile_d_if_self_portraitYoussef Nabil, lle d’lf, Self Portrait, Marseille 2011.

self_portrait_at_night_in_parisYoussef Nabil, Self Portrait at Night in Paris, 2005.

self_portrait_with_an_angelYoussef Nabil, Self Portrait with an Angel, Paris 2007.

Youssef Nabil, I Will Go to Paradise, Self Portrait, Hyeres 2008.

mistake lyrics for feelings

Art, Photography


Ryan McGinley’s artist website here. 

RM_yellow_sky_20061Ryan McGinley, Untitled (Yellow Sky) 2006. 

Dead_Forest_2012_60x90_smRyan McGinley, Dead Forest  2012. 

2012-haystacks_grassy-reach_out_im_right_here-web-smRyan McGinley, Haystacks (Grassy) from Reach Out, I’m Right Here 2012.

rm_jake_fallRyan McGinley,  Jake (Fall Folliage) 2011.

JakeShiningRock_6.5x10in1Ryan McGinley, Jake (Shining Rock) 2008.

2012-night_sky_tie_dye-reach_out_im_right_here-web-smRyan McGinley, Night Sky Tie Dye from Reach Out, I’m Right Here 2012. 

MoonRiver_40by26in1Ryan McGinley, Coco (Moon River) 2008.

Ryan McGinley, Blue Moon 2008.

Oh it’s totally lonely, being so passionate about something that feels more important than anything else in the world, and it also takes up all my time. You have to learn how to function as a human being and to relate to people without a camera. See there’s this box of magic that I have, and when it’s in my hands I can relate to people, have discussions, go on adventures and ask for anything. Without it I have a hard time operating. – Ryan McGinley from this interview.

what they needed

Art, Photography

more Julie Cockburn here.
large-julie_cockburn-party_houseJulie Cockburn, The Party House, hand embroidery on found photograph 2013.


Julie Cockburn, Landscape with Mountain, hand embroidery on found photograph 2013. large-julie_cockburn-merry_widow-1Julie Cockburn, The Merry Widow 1, altered found photograph 2013.

large-julie_cockburn-the_favourite_childJuile Cockburn, The Favourite Child, hand embroidery on found photograph 2013.

large-julie_cockburn-my_ex_best_friendJulie Cockburn, My Ex-Best Friend, altered found photograph 2013.

large-julie_cockburn-girl_in_a_pearl_necklaceJulie Cockburn, Girl in a Pearl Necklace, hand embroidery on found photograph 2013.

large-julie_cockburn-love_at_first_sightJulie Cockburn,  Love at First Sight, hand embroidery on found photograph 2013.