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Anni Leppala, Last Autumn 2008. Artist Website Here. 

Alice Vega, Untitled from Like a Hurricane Beauty 2011. Artist Website Here. 7af994e4b4abf155341e47aa5afc9605

Jim Goldberg, Untitled. Artist Website Herecircumstance1

Formento & Formento, Untitled from Circumstance 2012. Artist  Duo Website Here. Christine Carr

Christine Carr, Office from Awakenings 2001. Artist Website Here. 

you’re so far.

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Sebastian Reiser, Untitled November 2012 ArtistWebsite. 

Bill Jacobson, A Series of Human Decisions #2271 2007 artistwebsite. 

The mission of photography is to explain man to man and each to himself. And that is the most complicated thing on earth. – Edward Steichen

who’s that girl 2.0

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Alex Prager, Despair 2010 artistwebsite.


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No one moment is most important. Any moment can be something. – Garry Winogrand

just to lighten the mood

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Rachel Bellinsky, 05/18/2011 from Tails from the Fishbowl series, HERE

painted sane

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Elad Lassry, Woman, Man, C-print, painted frame 2010

Elad Lassry, Untitled (Two Purple Bars),  foil on C-print, painted frame 2010


I’m fascinated by the collapse of histories.

a breath realised


Raymond Pettibon, Untitled (A Breath Realised), 2009

you might get your mess togethery 2.

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Penelope Umbrico, Embarrassing Books, digital c-prints 2008. each printed to scale

I have this absolute reverence and love and fascination and respect and disrespect and critical relationship, and also just completely seductive relationship with all things photography. – Penelope Umbrico