Michelle Rawlings

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Michelle Rawlings’ artist website here. rawlings_1

Michelle Rawlings, Yearbook Tapestry 2011.

coreapplication-065Michelle Rawlings, Dubuffet 2012.


Michelle Rawlings, (self-portrait) 2014. 


Michelle Rawlings, Naomi Campbell 2012.


MIchelle Rawlings, Digi-collage 2013.


Michelle Rawlings, LIght Blue 2014.

Watch Michelle Rawlings, Artmaking, HD transfer of 16mm ektachrome film, 7 min., 2012 here
and view her collection of rainbows here. 

Roxy Paine



Roxy Paine, Facade/Billboard 2010.


Roxy Paine, second to last scene from Incident/Resurrection 2013.One Hundred Foot line-6

Roxy Paine, One Hundred Foot Line 2010.


Roxy Paine, Intrusion from Carcasses 2014. Sydney, MCA Museum art installation Neuron by Roxy Paine NSW, Australia.

Roxy Paine, Neuron 2010.

See more work by Roxy Paine here.



Unfortunately, these jpegs don’t do justice the physical presence of Marco Breuer’s works currently at Yossi Milo Gallery. Large, aggressive and featuring prominent gestures that are usually associated with abstract painting, these large photographs challenge every notion of what constitutes a modern image.

large-marco_breuer-untitled-fuse_dayMarco Breuer, Untitled (Fuse/Day) 1999. Gelatin Silver Paper, exposed/burned.large-marco_breuer-untitled-c-1228Marco Breuer, Untitled (C-1228) 2012. Chromogenic Paper, burned.large-marco_breuer-untitled-c-596

Marco Breuer, Untitled (C-596) 2006. Chromogenic Paper, exposed/scratched.large-marco_breuer-untitled_c_1379

Marco Breuer, Untitled (C-1379) 2013. Chromogenic Paper, burned/scraped. large-marco_breuer-untitled-c-659

Marco Breuer, Untitled (C-659) 2006. Chromogenic Paper, exposed/embossed/scratched. large-marco_breuer-spin-c-856

Marco Breuer, (Spin C-859) 2008. Chromogenic Paper, embossed/scratched.

large-marco_breuer-untitled-fuseMarco Breuer, Untitled (Fuse), 1995. Gelative Silver Paper, burned.

As the idea that everyone is a photographer (thanks, iPhones) spreads and photographs become merely images that are viewed on a screen, (talking about you, instagram) is it not wonderful to see the photograph reduced back to its most primal form? The Photograph as object, as evidence of a single event; created through the chemical reaction generated from destruction of a photo paper that is slowly becoming archaic.

Like this work? You might like Chris McCaw’s Sunburn series too.

art work.

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Alec Soth, Untitled from Sleeping by the Mississippi

Alec Soth, Untitled from Sleeping by the Mississippi

Alec Soth, Untitled from Broken Manual

Alec Soth, Untitled from Broken Manual

Alec Soth, Untitled from Sleeping by the Mississippi

Alec Soth, Untitled from Broken Manual

Alec Soth, Untitled from Broken Manual

Visit Alec Soth’s website. [I recommend looking at his series, Paris/Minnesota]


back to normal

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JeongMee Yoon, Tess and Her Pink Things from The Pink Project,  2006. visitwebsite.

Sarah Maples, Sleeping Beauty performs an operation, 2011. visitwebsite

five golden rings

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Leo Berne, Robert Redford 2010 MORE

Levi Mandel, Untitled from Magic 2009  MORE (also check out her CV, its….)

12 days of christmas challenge

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Every year on the day after Thanksgiving me and my mom used to head down to NorthPark Mall (before the fancy remodel) to see their eclectic but charming collection of worn Christmas decorations. They had this huge wooden 12 Days of Christmas music box, that played on the half hour. It was barely working, in fact I think I only ever saw all the 12 day components working at the same time once. There were so many times where we’d arrive to where it was placed and wait and wait for the song to begin. But it ran on it’s own clock that was never consistent with real time. The music was so outdated and it was mostly static blaring way to loudly through the ol’ stereo system.. but still it was our ritual and  it never truly felt like Christmas until I sat through it.

I am not one for blog challenges but when I saw this one hosted by For the Love of Blogs and Casa del Hansen, I just had to participate. I haven’t gotten my 12 days of Christmas on in years… and I’ve rather missed it!

So here is Day ONE of the 12 days of Christmas challenge: Art edition… A Partridge in a Pear Tree.

  William Eggleston, Untitled (Christmas Trees) 1967

long, long time

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Richard T. Walker, like you (sometimes/othertimes), two archival inkjet prints, (diptych) 2010

see more.

way things go

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Lorna Simpson, Corridor (Day II), 2003.

I was having a conversation with a friend today about which female photographers she would like to see in a solo exhibition at a museum in the area. (something I think  that needs to happen and soooon..) After some room for thought she finally decided on Lorna Simpson, who I had never heard of. But now, after spending some time on her website.. I think it’s a pretty good choice.

Just thought I’d share, whose your favorite woman photographer?

my cure for the mean reds

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would love to see Sherrie Levine’s solo show, Mayhem at the Whitney. cant’ wait to buy Kurt Vonnegut’s new biography here, ASAP. This review of the replaying of a lecture given by Diane Arbus nearly 41 years ago, gave me the chills. I am bummed that their aren’t any good knitting tutorials for lefties. I enjoy this publication, Afghanistan Blueys  by Tim and Matt Bowditch featured on this addicting blog. It’d be amazing to see the Cattelan exhibition at the Guggenheim, where the art truly challenges the demanding architecture through this radical act of hanging. I wasted too much time today with this picture list of the 20 most bizarre Public Art pieces. and finally, I love everything about Emma Stone’s SNL skit Les jeunes de Paris  [[sorry for the crappy youtube video that’s all thats out on the web]]

and finally.. if nothing else works..

between the landscape and anotheroto

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Last week the author of one of my favorite photo sharing websites, Andy Adams (who literally is) FlakPhoto.com came to ASU for a lecture/discussion called Photo 2.0 Online Photographic Thinking. A heated and fluid conversation between my former classmates, faculty and Andy caused the hour discussion to whiz by.

What was established in this open forum, was what the promise of the internet truly brings. Every photographer or artist has  the opportunity to produce, brand and market themselves, while also acting as their own self-publisher, not completely riding the role of the former gate keepers (curators, critics, museum and institutions, people who command the attention and determine whats worthy) but creating a new kind of gate keeper. Anyone can become an independent self-publisher by creating a platform to deliver their work that allows a more personalized experience for the seeker. I am definitely interested in the photographers new role as author and in way, personality. Any thoughts?

Check out FlakPhoto and keep up with the conversation here

also personal highlights from the lecture:

“… you find these paths through the web…”- Betsy Scheider

“and it really is a web, isn’t it?” – Andy Adams

“Sometimes looking at photographs on the internet makes me feel less like a special snowflake” – student

tri weekly photo

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unt grad student Kelley N. Smith.

Kelley N. Smith, Untitled 2011.

more  photographs and also her other project, Archive of Strangers here

no light, no light

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Martin Brink, from Trash in the Grass 2010

Martin Brink, from Trash in the Grass 2010

his website.


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Carlo Van de Roer, Untitled (Bondi Baths, Sydney, Australia) 2007.

Purchase HERE