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art from my trip to nyc. plydohJeff Koons, Play-doh 1994-2014 on view at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

pinkCOST & ENX and Jerkface //Bushwick Collective. corner of Morgan Ave. and Knickerbocker Ave.

dan grahamDan Graham with Günther Vogt, The Roof Garden 2014 @ the Met.  

edruschaEd Ruscha, Honey, I Twisted Through More Damn Traffic Today 2014 on the high line. 

IMG_2054Kara Walker, A Subtlety line @ Domino Sugar Factory 2014.

koonsparkJeff Koons, Split-Rocker 2014 @ Rockefeller Center

IMG_2046Isa Genzken’s “Rose II” 2007/2008 @ MoMA. 

bushwickartsomewhere in bushwick.

heartJeff Koons,  Hanging Heart 2006.

city see city do

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a trip to NYC means..IMG_9770Frank Ape in Bushwick.


IMG_9764JR at the New York City Ballet.

IMG_9761mural at Bryant Park by Chor Boogie, Natalia Rak and Max Bode.

IMG_9731Doug Wheeler, LC 71 NY DZ 13 DW 2013 @ David Zwirner.

cityserra[City Serra] Richard Serra sculpture parked on 10th Avenue in Chelsea.

IMG_0188Robert Rauschenberg , Pilgrim 1960. and Jim Dine, Hair  on view as part of the Onnasch Collection @ Hauser & Wirth.

alex pragerAlex Prager, Face in the Crowd 2013 @ Lehmann Maupin.

IMG_9715Pawel Althamer, Draftsmen’s Congress 2012 (2014) @ New Museum

and on.

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So passes another year full of art + ideas. Here are a few of my favorite art experiences from 2013.  
turrel 2James Turrell, The Light Inside 1999 permanently installed at the MFA Houston.

HorseNick Cave Performance at Grand Central Station

maya-lin-definanceMaya Lin, Wave Field 2009 @ Storm King Art Center

antansuiEl Anatsui, Broken Bridge II 2013 @ the Highline.

sweet banksyBanksy Pop-up Chelsea Gallery.

New MuseumNYC 1993 Exhibition @ the New Museum

img_4847Nam June Paik Retrospective @ the Smithsonian

earthroomWater de Maria, Earthroom 1977.

exploding2Concrete Jungle, a part of the Bushwick Collective.

IMG_7047Matthew Day Jackson @ Hauser & Wirth.

kusamaYayoi Kusama, Love is Calling 2013 @ David Zwirner Gallery.

met afterhoursAt the Metropolitan Museum of Art – afterhours.

i who collect kusama

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photo-19self-portrait inside Yayoi Kusama, Infinity Mirrored Room-  The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away 2013 @ David Zwirner.

kusama snakesYayoi Kusama, Manhattan Suicide Addict 2010-Present.

kusama wallYayoi Kusama, Manhattan Suicide Addict 2010-Present.

kusamaYayoi Kusama, Love is Calling 2013.

…Let me call out to and ask the birds flying about in the sky
I want to convey to them my feelings
Over many long years, with art as a weapon
I have treaded the path in search of love
During the days I have lived through keeping “despair”, “emptiness” and “loneliness” all to myself along the way
there were times when the fireworks of life “splendidly” adorned the sky
Dancing in the night sky in a myriad of colors, the fireworks sprinkled dust all over my body
I will never forget that exhilarating moment
Now I think is the time to dedicate my heart to you, my dearest…

– excerpt by Yayoi Kusama, Residing in a Castle of Shed Tears
which accompanies Kusama’s I Who Have Arrived in Heaven exhibition now on view at David Zwirner Gallery. 

Read the entire poem here. 

full circle

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JR’s Artist Website Here.
Inside Out Project Here. 


JR, Inside Out Project 2013. litho-bateau-desc2JR, Kesennuma, Japan from Inside Out Project 2013.


JR, Hong Kong from Inside Out Project 2012. no2a7450JR, Berlin from Inside Out Project  2013.

capture_decran_2013-04-17_a_15.40.02JR, North Pole from Inside Out Project 2013.

191JR and Jose Parla collaboration, New York City from Inside Out Project  2013.

capture_decran_2013-05-19_a_14.12.18JR, Marseille la Friche de la Belle de Mai from Inside Out Project  2013.

marseilleJR, Marseille la Friche de la Belle de Mai from Inside Out Project  2013.

capture_decran_2013-09-05_a_03.30.23JR, Kibera, Kenya from Inside Out Project 2013.

dscf0215JR, Times Square from Inside Out Project 2013.


sold soul.

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I love contemporary art auction week not just for all the excitement the sales generate among every realm of the art world but because the auctions give a chance to see rare works that have been hidden away for years in  private collections.  Perhaps these works  will go right back to a private owner after the auction, but for these few weeks it’s nice to see such a wide variety of art in one easy to look through space. Here are some of my picks from Sotheby’s Contemporary sale tomorrow night. 

525N09037_75ZNTMark Bradford, Mithra 2008.

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 7.56.52 PM
Cy Twombly, Untitled 1971.

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 7.54.15 PM
Andy Warhol, The Statue of Liberty 1986.

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 7.55.51 PM
Takashi Murakami, Blue Skull Painting 2012.

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 7.57.52 PM
Martin Puryear, Untitled 1986.

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 7.53.30 PM
Gerhard Richter, A.B. Courbet 1986.


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Alex Prager’s Artist Website Here. 

WEB-Diptych-Pacific-OceanAlex Prager, 3:14 PM, Pacific Ocean and Eye #9 (Passeger Casualties) from Compulsion 2012.

WEB-Diptych-Van-NuysAlex Prager, 4:29PM, Van Nuys and Eye #8 (Electric Tower) from Compulsion 2012.

WEB-Diptych-Silverlake-DriveAlex Prager, 1:18PM, Silverlake Drive and Eye #2 (Boulder) from Compulsion 2012.

WEB-Diptych-Interstate-110Alex Prager, 2 PM, Interstate 110 and Eye #6 from Compulsion 2012.

WEB-Diptych-Bunker-HillAlex Prager, 10:58 AM, Bunker Hill and Eye #7 (Suicide) from Compulsion 2012.


Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 6.17.24 PMAlex Prager, Crowd #2 (Emma) from Face in the Crowd 2012.

I am excited to see Alex Prager debut an all new series, “Face in the Crowd” at Corcoran Gallery of Art in 2 weeks! 

even in the end

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I liked these images as photographs when I first saw them, then I realized they were intricate dioramas that Lori Nix made. If you are in NYC go check out Nix’s current exhibition, details here. 

26Lori Nix, Natural History 2005.

22Lori Nix, Vacuum Showroom 2006.

21Lori Nix, Laundromat at Night 2008.

18Lori Nix, Fountain 2008.

16Lori Nix, Library 2007

14Lori Nix, Church 2009.

12Lori Nix, Mall 2010.

11Lori Nix, Control Room 2010.

07Lori Nix, Subway 2012.

02Lori Nix, Casino 2013.

23Lori Nix, Great Hall 2006.

Lori Nix’s Artist Website Here. 

dimensions of color

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Going to be checking out  Photographs Do Not Bend Gallery’s exhibition William Eggleston: His Circle & Beyond this week. Very excited to see so many influential color photographers  in one place.   See more work included in the exhibition Here. 
Screen shot 2013-10-02 at 10.06.24 PM
William Eggleston, Dog in Shadows (Troubled Waters) 1980. Screen shot 2013-10-02 at 10.04.27 PM

Bill Owens, Bourbon and Seven is my favorite drink 1979. Screen shot 2013-10-02 at 10.01.17 PM

David Graham, South of Kosh, Wisconsin 2003. Screen shot 2013-10-02 at 10.03.07 PM

William Greiner, Tricycle Hanging in Carport, Baton Rouge 1994.

Screen shot 2013-10-02 at 10.09.41 PMBirney Imes, The Skin Man Place, Belzoni 1986.
Screen shot 2013-10-02 at 10.02.16 PM

William Greiner, Running Shoes in Driveway 1993.

social abstraction

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Eileen Quinlan’s Artist website Here. 5_Quinlan-384x520Eileen Quinlan, Cock Rock 2011.

2_Quinlan-416x520Eileen Quinlan, Laura 2012.

1_Quinlan-422x520Eileen Quinlan, Sophia 2012.

3_Quinlan-428x520Eileen Quinlan, Black Friday 2011.

Screen shot 2013-10-01 at 6.47.40 PMEileen Quinlan, Ishtar 2012.


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Headed to Houston over the weekend to visit the Houston Fine Art Fair and check out all the amazing museums and collections the big city has to offer. I enjoyed seeing the MFA Houston’s James Turrell Retrospective that is currently on view in conjunction with his major retrospectives at the Guggenheim and LACMA. Hoping I have time to make the trek out to California before the show goes down in April so I can pick up the “I visited all three cities T-Shirt. ” Anyway,  here are some of my favorites from the art packed weekend. turrel 2James Turrell, The Light Inside 1999 permanently installed at the MFA Houston.

tureel 2James Turrell,  Acro, Green 1968 as part of the James Turrell: Retrospective @ the MFA Houston.

tureel 3James Turrell, Tycho, White 1967 as part of the James Turrell: Retrospective @ the MFA Houston.

menilMichael Heizer, Isolated Mass/Circumflex (#2) 1968-1972 in the lawn of the Menil Collection.

wang weiWang Wei, 1/30th of Second Underwater 1999 @ the MFA Houston.

IMG_6543Dan Graham, Triangular Solid with Circular Inserts (Variation F) 1997 @ the MFA Houston.

IMG_6549Inside view of the Rothko Chapel apart of the Menil Collection.

IMG_6550Inside view of the Dan Flavin Warehouse apart of the Menil Collection.

barnettBarnett Newman, Broken Oblesisk 1963.

contemporaryinstallation view of exhibition Graphic Design: Now in Production at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston

[another view of] James Turrell, The Light Inside 1999.

around town.

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With work and writing a thesis I haven’t seen nearly as much art as I would like to have lately. So glad work ends this week so I can spend my last 3 weeks in the city taking in as much art as humanly possible. Here are some images from a view of the exhibitions I have caught.. 

aleksanderAleksandra Domanovic, Untitled (30.III. 2010) 2010 @ the International Center of Photography’s exhibition A Different Kind of Order. 

icMikhael Subotzky/Patrick Waterhouse, Windows, Ponte City 2008-2010. Installation @ the ICP TriennialA Different Kind of Order.

icpMikhael Subotzky/Patrick Waterhouse, Television 2008-2010. Artist Collaboration Website Here. 


Mansura Khanam, City Pigeon 2013. Installed @ICP Student Gallery. Artist Website Here. paglenTrevor Paglen installation view, The Fence (Lake Kickapoo, Texas), 2010.  @ ICP exhibition A Different Kind of Order. 

haringKeith Haring, Altarpiece: The Life of Christ 1990. On View at the Whitney, exhibition: I, You We. 

holzerJenny Holzer, Untitled with Selection from TRUISMS 1989. On View at the Whitney, exhibition: I, You We. 

IMG_5987 Met Stickers in their afterlife. jasper johnsJasper Johns,  Racing Thoughts 1983. On View at the Whitney, exhibition: I, You We. 

IMG_6065found graffiti off Orchard St.

You Are Not Yourself.

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KrugerBarbara Kruger,  Untitled (We Will No Longer Be Seen and Not Heard) 1985.

I saw this piece at the Whitney this weekend as part of their exhibition I, You, We and felt compelled to go on a Kruger viewing spree. I am sure the fact that I have been researching the Picture Generation for the thesis only added fuel to the fire…

Screen shot 2013-08-04 at 6.49.07 PMBarbara Kruger, Face It (Green) 2007.

Screen shot 2013-08-04 at 6.49.58 PMBarbara Kruger, Don’t Be A Jerk 1984.

Screen shot 2013-08-04 at 6.50.32 PMBarbara Kruger, Untitled (You Me We) 2003.

Screen shot 2013-08-04 at 7.17.58 PMBarbara Kruger, Untitled (Surveillance is their Busywork) 

Screen shot 2013-08-04 at 7.17.25 PMBarbara Kruger, Untitled (Memory is Your Image of Perfection) 

Screen shot 2013-08-04 at 7.16.03 PMBarbara Kruger, Is There A Perfect Mate For Everyone? 2011.

Screen shot 2013-08-04 at 7.15.14 PMBarbara Kruger, Untitled (Love) 2001.

Screen shot 2013-08-04 at 6.48.21 PMBarbara Kruger,  Untitled (We Are All That Heaven Allows) 1984.

tumblr_mix5uePEwo1qz6f9yo1_500Barbara Kruger, Untitled (The Meaning of Life is that it Stops)

tumblr_mqofkwwZcL1szevkfo1_500Barbara Kruger, Untitled 2004.

View More Barbara Kruger Work Here. 

I mean, making art is about objectifying your experience of the world, transforming the flow of moments into something visual, or textual, or musical, whatever. Art creates a kind of commentary. -Barbara Kruger


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I am looking forward to finally going out to the Storm King Art Center, or as I like to think of it..New York’s Sculpture Art Amusement Park. The Center has an amazing 500 acres of art and nature. To prepare for my trip I took a look at some of their past installations and exhibitions.. CollectionMark di Suervo sculptures in the south fields of Storm King.

08lin_600Maya Line, Storm King Wavefield 2009.

solarium-740x380William Lamson, Solarium 2012. Installation at Storm King.

buddahZhang Huan, Three Legged Buddha 2007. 

SONY DSCPeter Coffin, Untitled (Yellow Outline) 2008-2012. Installation at Storm King.

SONY DSCSpencer Finch, Lunar 2011. Installation at Storm King.

Anish Kapoor, Untitled 1997.

SONY DSCAlyson Shotz, Mirror Fence 2003.

Rebel with a Cause

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This week I went to the Guggenheim to experience the James Turrell exhibition (meh) and the Whitney Summer opening to check out the re-installation of a really interesting Robert Irwin site-specific piece. Both museums prevented photographs from being taken, therefore sneaky iphones pictures are all I have. photo 1James Turrell,  Aten Reign 2013. Currently installed in the Guggenheim Atrium.

photo 2James Turrell, Afrum I 1967. Currently at the Guggenheim.

photo 3James Turrell, Afrum I 1967. Currently at the Guggenheim.

photo 4Robert Irwin, Scrim Viel – Black Rectangle – Natural Light 1977. A site-Specific work  that just got re-installed at the Whitney. 

photo 5Robert Irwin, Scrim Viel – Black Rectangle – Natural Light 1977.