in the hood

contemporary art, Photography

visit Rafael Fuchs website here.
026rafael_096-Bushwick-super-cornerDSCF7140All images Rafael Fuchs, Untitled from Bushwick Forever, 2005-2012.

in case of emergency

contemporary art

visit Jackie Mock’s artist website here. 
Jackie Mock, Soil Samples from Every State in the United States Collected via Craigslist, 2011. Soil samples in glass bottles displayed in order of state population from greatest to least as stated in the 2010 U.S. Census Report in a handmade cabinet constructed from an antique barn door with a metal tag bearing the name of each state. one-puddle
Jackie Mock, One Puddle, One Year, 18th Street and 7th Avenue, New York City, 2015. Box containing photographs chronicling the life of one puddle throughout one year. europeanwaterJackie Mock, Water from American Places with European Names, 2010-11. From left: Glasgow, KY Portsmouth, RI Newport, RI Berlin, NY Scotland, PA Manchester, NH Versailles, KY Hamburg, PA Glasgow, WV Paris, KY.
goldencassetteJackie Mock, In Case of Emergency , 2010.
Mixtape found on Bleecker Street, gold leaf, custom wooden frame, glass.

Jackie Mock, Pigeon Footprint Found in Snow, 2009, Found on Minetta Lane, New York City.
last-wordJackie Mock, The First Word of Every Book I Own, 2013. Text pasted on paper, handmade frame.

the nature of things

contemporary art

visit Caroline Augusta’s website here. 
Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 10.08.36 PMCaroline Augusta, Claim Jumper
Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 10.09.17 PMCaroline Augusta, Parched, Hand Cut Paper Collage.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 10.08.53 PMCaroline Augusta, But don’t you dream always?
Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 10.11.44 PM
Caroline Augusta, City of Dreams

gentle density

contemporary art

Cynthia Daignault’s artist website here.
View more work by Cynthia Daignault here. 
5513ec6c2aabc02fea71ac8d40a78d0a-jpg-1500-1500-falseCynthia Daignault, I love you more than one more day. 2013.

2f6eee7577f4ee02d4e173d12a996b3c-jpg-1500-1500-falseCynthia Daignault, Do we mean love, and when we say love?, 2012.

1caa79943b9038b14a254a15efe38e96-jpg-1500-1500-falseCynthia Daignault, Screen Test: No Signal and Screen Test: Test Screen, 2011.

782de1c2dca27d85ed9f1918f554796a-jpg-1500-1500-falseInstallation view: Cynthia Daignault, CCTV Monitor, 2012.

6c3869efa7167a2bb450bc1e0c31014d-jpg-1500-1500-falseCynthia Daignault, CCTV Monitor, 2012.

b10f8b729660c24504af7a386ae7ba8f-jpg-1500-1500-falseCynthia Daignault, CCTV Monitor, 2012.

705d778de3823c7468c9d9d1a9681d3a-jpg-1500-1500-falseCynthia Daignault,The one I shall now describe, if I can… 2011.

8247e2d03d8f6a045835027aa2a3eb2c-jpg-1500-1500-falseCynthia Daignault, Das Tauschregal [Installation View: Day 1] 2014.

b38f9c3da3f82c599f411c8c42b05758-jpg-1500-1500-falseCynthia Daignault, Das Tauschregal [Installation View: Day 10], 2014.

finding it

contemporary art
Visit Oliver Laric’s website here.
Oliver Laric, 2000 Cliparts 2011. Oliver Laric, Versions 2012. 
Oliver Laric, Versions 2010. 
Oliver Laric, Versions 2009.
Oliver Laric, Domains

Some of my favorite artworks and movies have only been described to me. A description can generate new work while acting as a portrait of the person retelling the idea, plot, etc. –
Oliver Laric

technologic magic

contemporary art
View more work by Brian Bress here.
BB_Nevio_WEBBrian Bress, Still from Nevio de Zolt’s Window 2013.
brian_bress_alex_960x640Brian Bress, Alex, 2010.
Screen shot 2015-03-19 at 8.23.58 AMBrian Bress, still from (Firemen #2 on blue, green and purple lines) 2014. view video here. 
BB_SoldiersOcean_WEBBrian Bress, Still from Soldier’s Ocean (Luca) 2013.

arting’ around.

contemporary art
IMG_4573 (1)Jackie Mock, Paint collected from Various New York City Subway Stations, 2013 @ the Spring/Break Art Show. artist website here. 
nam june paikNam June Paik, Video Chandelier X, 1990 @ James Cohen Gallery.
IMG_0150Gerhard Richter, 11-Scheiben (11-Panes) (886-3), 2003 @ High Museum of Art in Atlanta. 
IMG_4418Janet Cardiff, The Forty Part Motet, 2001 @ the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. 
yossi miloAssaf Shaham, installation view of Division of the Vision @ Yossi Milo Gallery. 
photoshowclose up of photographs from Social Photography IV, a collection of cell phone photographs @ Carriage Trade
phillip stearnsPhillip Stearns, Fragmented Memory, 2013 @ Onishi Gallery with Partner, NYFA. 
ps1Samara Golden, The Flat Side of the Knife, 2015 @ MoMA PS1.
IMG_0144Chris Olfili, Installation view of Night and Day @ New Museum.
also this.

Go Sees

canon s95, contemporary art, My Photography, nyc

around the town.
rockin chairs

Nancy Rubins, Our Friend Fluid Metal 2014 @ Gagosian Gallery, West 21st.

Richard Prince

Richard Prince, Untitled (portrait) 2014 @ Gagosian Gallery, 976 Madison Ave.
Read this Press Release by artist, Sean Fader here. 


Alex Isreals, Lens 2013. Part of Still Life @ Nahmad Contemporary

IMG_0516Dan Flavin, pink out of a corner, 1963/2014. Part of Still Life @ Nahmad Contemporary.


Nir Hod, Once Everything Was Much Better Even the Future 2013 @ Paul Kasmin Gallery. 


Instagram booth at Photoville. 

IMG_3271Last Day of Jeff Koons (and of being in the Bruer Building) at the Whitney.




JMR @ Woodward Gallery

Paul Graham, from exhibition “Does Yellow Run Forever?” at Pace Gallery. 


Jacob Hashimoto, Skyfarm Fortress 2014 @ Mary Boone Gallery.

Jacob Hashimoto, detail from exhibition @ Mary Boone Gallery.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetLouise Lawler, Triangle (adjusted to fit) on the Highline. 

Michelle Rawlings

contemporary art

Michelle Rawlings’ artist website here. rawlings_1

Michelle Rawlings, Yearbook Tapestry 2011.

coreapplication-065Michelle Rawlings, Dubuffet 2012.


Michelle Rawlings, (self-portrait) 2014. 


Michelle Rawlings, Naomi Campbell 2012.


MIchelle Rawlings, Digi-collage 2013.


Michelle Rawlings, LIght Blue 2014.

Watch Michelle Rawlings, Artmaking, HD transfer of 16mm ektachrome film, 7 min., 2012 here
and view her collection of rainbows here.