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I  like public art (especially when it incorporates photography) and I really like New York City,  so it’s no wonder that  I love this…  Landscape with Path is a project curated by Joel Sternfeld that brings art to the brand new (and beautiful) High Line. Near West 18th Street Sternfeld, Robert Adams, and Darren Almond will each occupy a large billboard adjacent to the urban garden. This month, Robert Adams 1979 photograph, Nebraska State Highway 2, Box Butte County, was installed. I love the contrast of the bare, desert road leading to vast nothingness, against the lush, artificially constructed modern garden. 

Robert Adams, Nebraska State Highway 2, Box Butte County, Nebraska 1979

installation view

Joel Sternfeld, A Railroad Artifact, 30th st, May 2000

(First billboard installed)

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