There was a time when I was constantly looking through Tina Barney’s Theater of Manners because I was also thinking about how to justifiably and unbiasedly photograph family life (She is grappling with it whether she wants to acknowledge it or not.) It’s been a couple years since I’ve thought about that series, so I welcomed the news that four decades worth of images by Tina Barney were on view at Paul Kasmin GalleryBetter than the show though, is that she now also has a website with each series’ gallery deep of images. This is a big upgrade from how I used to few her work back in 2009. Eitherway, looking through I had a few thoughts; Titles are important but can seriously detract too. How did Brian Williams get in there? and Is there anyone else out there making large-format portraits that feel this much like a snapshot?

Tina Barney, The Orange Room fromThe Europeans1996.
BAR139+2003+The+HuntTina Barney, The Hunt fromThe Europeans2003.
BAR138+2003+The+HandsTina Barney, The Hands fromThe Europeans2003. BAR114+1996V+Three+GenerationsTina Barney, Untitled fromThe Europeans. BAR103+1996R+The+BreakfastTina Barney, The Breakfast fromThe Europeans,1996. BAR106+1996R+The+Fencing+LessonTina Barney, The Fencing Lesson from The Europeans, 1996. 
BAR112+1996V+The+FoyerTina Barney, The Foyer fromThe Europeans, 1996. BAR102+1996R+The+TapestryTina Barney, The Tapestry fromThe Europeans, 1996
Tina Barney, The Bust fromThe Europeans, 2003
BAR153+The+Antique+ShopTina Barney, The Antique Shop fromThe Europeans, 2003.

Tina Barney’s artist website here.
Read more about Tina Barney’s work here and here. 

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