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I was at the Phoenix Art Museum earlier this month and visited the Living for Art: Gifts from The Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection exhibition. Well, I didn’t really mean to visit it, I was actually on my way upstairs to spend a minute in the Firefly room and check out Pure Photography but the plainness of it all caught my eye. Once I read the story about who the Vogels are, I was quite impressed. Just ordinary people who believe in art, so much that for the past 45 years they have been living off of Dorothy’s librarian salary and spending Herbert’s NY postal worker’s salary, exclusively on contemporary art. Now with over 4,000 works, they have one of the most respected collections and  are donating 50 pieces to 50 art institutions in 50 states! Pretty generous and awesome if you ask me.

Here is the trailer for Herb & Dorothy a documentary  about their fascinating life, passion for art, and their very, very, cramped apartment! You can rent it on netflix. ya!

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