“I communicate, therefore i am”

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photo credit: Oscar Diaz Studio

Seriously, just spent an hour on MOMA’s interactive exhibition website for Talk to Me. It’s addicting and makes me really hope I will be in NYC before Nov. 7 so I can experience it in person. The exhibition explores technology and communication through design, and unlike most museum shows, you can touch and interact with almost everything on display.

photo credit: Golan Levin

A lot of people are excited about Chris Woebken’s Bat Billboard but so far, my favorite is The Ink Calendar by Oscar Diaz (which is self-updating) and Golan Levin’s Double-Taker (Snout). The weird mechanical one-eyed cyclops sat on top of the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts in 2008. It’s computer recorded, then reacted to passerby’s with playful and curious human characteristics, revealing its intelligence. I also think Kate Hartman’s Talk to Yourself Hat, is ridiculous and hilariously awesome, made for those who fear what they have always wanted to say outloud. 

photo credit: Kate Hartman

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