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Penelope Umbrico is a  Guggenheim Fellowship Photography recipient this year, along with my teacher Betsy Schneider. I saw this work at the SFMOMA when I went last November and instantly fell in love with it. I was very pleased to see her name on the list of Guggenheim Fellows because its such an honor, and means that you are on the cutting edge of photography.

This work is called 8,313,619 Suns from Flickr (Partial). She created it by searching sunsets on the photograph sharing social website Flickr. She collects the sunsets and makes 4×6 prints from the images, then adds them to the grid. The number in the title represents the total of sunsets she has collected. Since this is an on-going project that number is constantly expanding.

When I saw it in San Francisco, it took up an enormous wall, the cheesy, stereotypical and identically framed sunsets glaring at me from every angle. It was glorious.

Check out her website here, she has a lot of other interesting work!

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