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John Lehr’s artist website here. 08_PhoneBoothJohn Lehr, Phone Booth from Low Relief 2013.


John Lehr, Untitled from Low Relief 2013.  04_PlaqueJohn Lehr, Plaque from Low Relief 2013.

03_WindowDrawingJohn Lehr, Window Drawing from Low Relief 2013.

06_OfficeDoorJohn Lehr, Office Door from Low Relief 2013.

02_SpacesJohn Lehr, Spaces from Low Relief 2013.

09_DoubleJohn Lehr, Double from Low Relief 2013.

We arrive from all walks of life via the almost serendipitous routes of the first photographs that made us realize there is more to this than clicking the shutter.” – Charlotte Cotton from What’s So Contemporary About Photography at Yale here. 

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