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tumblr_n2zwvgmA221qzedxpo1_1280Daniel Arnold, Untitled 2014.


tumblr_n07uqk2IdO1qzedxpo1_1280Daniel Arnold, Untitled 2014.

tumblr_n3hb1jcpnS1qzedxpo1_1280Daniel Arnold, Untitled 2014.  tumblr_mzv07dIYz01qzedxpo1_1280Daniel Arnold, Untitled 2014.  tumblr_mzpjucUEDb1qzedxpo1_1280Daniel Arnold, Untitled 2014.  tumblr_n2mwtnBFNK1qzedxpo1_1280Daniel Arnold, Untitled 2014.  tumblr_n1b0wm5wn61qzedxpo1_r1_1280Daniel Arnold, Untitled 2014.  tumblr_n1nr0zPqK21qzedxpo1_1280Daniel Arnold, Untitled 2014.  tumblr_mxblqezCaB1qzedxpo1_1280Daniel Arnold, Untitled 2014.  tumblr_mwo9nm2uR91qzedxpo1_r1_1280Daniel Arnold, Untitled 2014.  tumblr_n34iwfiLpI1qzedxpo1_1280Daniel Arnold, Untitled 2014.

More than anything, [New York] is such an endlessly interesting city. Person to person, people put on so many layers of artifice and armor. They’re so consciously prepared for the world. Inevitably there are moments when all of that becomes transparent and they’re just a shitty, honest, basic version of themselves no matter how dressed up or guarded they are. I think that’s what keeps me looking. – Daniel Arnold from this interview. 

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