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Youssef Nabil’s artist website here. 
Youssef Nabil, Higher & Higher, Self Portrait, Vienna 2005.

sun_in_my_eyes_self_portraitYoussef Nabil, Sun in my Eyes, Self Portrait, Sardinia 2005.

self_portrait_naplesYoussef Nabil, Self Portrait, Naples 2003.

self_portrait_with_botticelliYoussef Nabil, Self Portrait with Botticelli, Florence 2009.

funfair_self_portraitYoussef Nabil, Funfair, Self Portrait, Paris 2005.

ile_d_if_self_portraitYoussef Nabil, lle d’lf, Self Portrait, Marseille 2011.

self_portrait_at_night_in_parisYoussef Nabil, Self Portrait at Night in Paris, 2005.

self_portrait_with_an_angelYoussef Nabil, Self Portrait with an Angel, Paris 2007.

Youssef Nabil, I Will Go to Paradise, Self Portrait, Hyeres 2008.

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