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Ryan McGinley’s artist website here. 

RM_yellow_sky_20061Ryan McGinley, Untitled (Yellow Sky) 2006. 

Dead_Forest_2012_60x90_smRyan McGinley, Dead Forest  2012. 

2012-haystacks_grassy-reach_out_im_right_here-web-smRyan McGinley, Haystacks (Grassy) from Reach Out, I’m Right Here 2012.

rm_jake_fallRyan McGinley,  Jake (Fall Folliage) 2011.

JakeShiningRock_6.5x10in1Ryan McGinley, Jake (Shining Rock) 2008.

2012-night_sky_tie_dye-reach_out_im_right_here-web-smRyan McGinley, Night Sky Tie Dye from Reach Out, I’m Right Here 2012. 

MoonRiver_40by26in1Ryan McGinley, Coco (Moon River) 2008.

Ryan McGinley, Blue Moon 2008.

Oh it’s totally lonely, being so passionate about something that feels more important than anything else in the world, and it also takes up all my time. You have to learn how to function as a human being and to relate to people without a camera. See there’s this box of magic that I have, and when it’s in my hands I can relate to people, have discussions, go on adventures and ask for anything. Without it I have a hard time operating. – Ryan McGinley from this interview.

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