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more Julie Cockburn here.
large-julie_cockburn-party_houseJulie Cockburn, The Party House, hand embroidery on found photograph 2013.


Julie Cockburn, Landscape with Mountain, hand embroidery on found photograph 2013. large-julie_cockburn-merry_widow-1Julie Cockburn, The Merry Widow 1, altered found photograph 2013.

large-julie_cockburn-the_favourite_childJuile Cockburn, The Favourite Child, hand embroidery on found photograph 2013.

large-julie_cockburn-my_ex_best_friendJulie Cockburn, My Ex-Best Friend, altered found photograph 2013.

large-julie_cockburn-girl_in_a_pearl_necklaceJulie Cockburn, Girl in a Pearl Necklace, hand embroidery on found photograph 2013.

large-julie_cockburn-love_at_first_sightJulie Cockburn,  Love at First Sight, hand embroidery on found photograph 2013.

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