Olaf Breuning’s Artist Website Here.tumblr_mxjy2s8rDu1rvglfco6_1280Olaf Breuning, Untitled 2013.

tumblr_mxjy2s8rDu1rvglfco8_1280Olaf Breuning, Untitled 2013.

tumblr_mxjy2s8rDu1rvglfco9_r1_1280Olaf Breuning, Untitled 2013.

Tracey Emin’s Artist Website Here. 

tumblr_ld1qej4ng21qz4l5ho1_500Tracey Emin, I Think It’s in My Head 2001.

Tracey-Emin-–-I-Listen-to-the-Ocean-and-All-I-Hear-is-YouTracey Emin, I Listen to the Ocean and All I Hear is You, 2013.

3Tracey Emin, Sometimes I Think, Sometimes I Don’t 

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