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Alex Prager’s Artist Website Here + more work Here.ozartsetc_alex-prager_face-in-the-crowd_corcoran-gallery-of-art_00-e1385952579118Alex Prager, Crowd # 2 (Emma) 2013.

large_pragerfaces-thumbAlex Prager,  Crowd #4 (New Haven) 2013.

ozartsetc_alex-prager_face-in-the-crowd_corcoran-gallery-of-art_07-e1385952751608Alex Prager, Crowd #9 (Sunset Five) 2013.

ozartsetc_alex-prager_face-in-the-crowd_corcoran-gallery-of-art_10-e1385952803745Alex Prager, Face in the Crowd Film Strip # 3 2013.

ozartsetc_alex-prager_face-in-the-crowd_corcoran-gallery-of-art_02-e1385952625116Alex Prager, Crowd #3 (Pelican Beach) 2013.

ozartsetc_alex-prager_face-in-the-crowd_corcoran-gallery-of-art_05-e1385952706587Alex Prager, Crowd #7 (Bob Hope Airport) 2013.

ozartsetc_alex-prager_face-in-the-crowd_corcoran-gallery-of-art_06-e1385952726527Alex Prager, Crowd #8 (City Hall) 2013.

ozartsetc_alex-prager_face-in-the-crowd_corcoran-gallery-of-art_12-e1385952892899Alex Prager, Crowd #11 (Cedar and Broad Street) 2013.

ozartsetc_alex-prager_face-in-the-crowd_corcoran-gallery-of-art_11-e1385952827616Alex Prager, Face in the Crowd Film Strip #4 2013.

ozartsetc_alex-prager_face-in-the-crowd_corcoran-gallery-of-art_04-e1385952684539Alex Prager, Crowd #5 (Washington Square West) 2013. 

I’m fascinated by the experience of being involved in other people’s lives accidentally. Crowds have always been an interest of mine. It may look like a sea of people, but there are so many interesting stories, all colliding silently. – Alex Prager

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