even in the end

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I liked these images as photographs when I first saw them, then I realized they were intricate dioramas that Lori Nix made. If you are in NYC go check out Nix’s current exhibition, details here. 

26Lori Nix, Natural History 2005.

22Lori Nix, Vacuum Showroom 2006.

21Lori Nix, Laundromat at Night 2008.

18Lori Nix, Fountain 2008.

16Lori Nix, Library 2007

14Lori Nix, Church 2009.

12Lori Nix, Mall 2010.

11Lori Nix, Control Room 2010.

07Lori Nix, Subway 2012.

02Lori Nix, Casino 2013.

23Lori Nix, Great Hall 2006.

Lori Nix’s Artist Website Here. 

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