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I am really interested in Jason Lazarus, a teacher at Columbia College in Chicago.  The two series I particularly enjoy explore memory and truth in a new way.

In his series, Orion over Baghdad, Lazarus went through flicker and other photo sharing sites, and shuffled through the photographs of people serving in the U.S. Military over seas. What he deemed important however, was not the images, but rather the titles. He began collecting, collaging, and turning these titles into silver-gelatin photo grams. I think it’s really interesting how the words are the photographs and also how I don’t want to even see the photographs. The would- be grainy, amateur and surely busy compositions, would only weigh down the simple connections and revealing insight the sentences provide.

Check it out.

While your there, look at his series Nirvana, where we collects images and stories of people’s first time hearing the song Nevermind by Nirvana.

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