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used to spend a lot of time looking at photographs of the war in Afghanistan, searching for some sort of insight or information that would tell me exactly what it was like. Although I did find some incredible images (many that I showed here), the moment I saw these photographs by artist Dima Gavrysh, I found what I had been looking for.. a nuanced yet powerful glimpse of the emotional side of war. 
"SOLDIERS OF ZEROK"Dima Gavrysh, Untitled from Soldiers of Zerok

Inshallah_Dima_Gavrysh_DG_002_600Dima Gavrysh, Untitled from Inshallah 

Inshallah_Dima_Gavrysh_DG_007_600Dima Gavrysh, Untitled from Inshallah 

Inshallah_Dima_Gavrysh_DG_021_600Dima Gavrysh, Untitled from Inshallah 

Inshallah_Dima_Gavrysh_DG_008_600Dima Gavrysh, Untitled from Inshallah 

Inshallah_Dima_Gavrysh_DG_016_600Dima Gavrysh, Untitled from Inshallah 

Photo by Dima Gavrysh. (C)2011.Dima Gavrysh, Untitled from Inshallah 

Dima Gavrysh, Untitled from Inshallah 

Inshallah_Dima_Gavrysh_DG_019_600Dima Gavrysh, Untitled from Inshallah 

Inshallah_Dima_Gavrysh_DG_023_600Dima Gavrysh, Untitled from Inshallah 


Dima Gavrysh, Untitled from Inshallah 

Dima Gavrysh, Untitled from Soldiers of Zerok

Dima Gavrysh’s Artist Website Here. 

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