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One of my favorite contemporary portrait photographers, Nadia Sablin has a wonderful blog that she updates regularly. Here is a little sample of what she has been up to.
Check out more images and her artist website HERE. 02SashaNadia Sablin, Untitled 2013.

002ALX081313Nadia Sablin, Anya with her dolls 2013.

09maximNadia Sablin, Untitled  from Travel 2013.

16eviltwinsNadia Sablin, Vysotskiye 2013.

23creekNadia Sablin, The Battle of Viliga 2013.

13girlsNadia Sablin, Untitled from Mermaids 2013.

187LP081213Nadia Sablin, Untitled 2013.

143LP081713Nadia Sablin, Nastia on the Well 2013.

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