never mine to have

My Photography

a photograph a day for my last week and a half  of living in New York City. 
There is no photograph for 8/31/2013. I couldn’t bring myself to make a ‘last photograph” as I headed to the airport. 

Thurs 228/22/2013.Friday_8/23/2013

Sat 24_8/24/2013

sun 258/25/2013

Monday 268/26/2013

Tues 278/27/2013

wed 288/28/3013

favorite place8/29/2013

last sunset8/30/2013

Everyone comes to New York City  in search for something; opportunity, experience, education, love, an escape, an adventure…I arrived wide-eyed craving all of those, never realizing that what I was searching for was in fact, myself.  goodbye, New York & thank you. 

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