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Yesterday in class, the great Matt Holmes, showed us this blog. which is informing the world of an unknown photographer, who possibly deserves a spot in the history books, along side some of the most esteemed photographers. A chicago man, bought a storage unit at an auction, that was full of over 90,000 negatives and prints. As he began going through the all the stuff,  he soon discovered her name and began piecing together a story that is pretty incredible.  I am not going to give away anything else, as I think you should go to the blog and read her story, and look at her photographs.

I think they are really, pretty darn good. As our class scrolled through all the images, we would immediately  yell out the famous photographer that made similar images, or  had similar subjects. Every photograph referenced another great. Frank! Callahan! Arbus! Lange! Mary Ellen Mark! Goldin! She was making photographs, at the same time as most of these now, respected artists and yet, her photographs were also standing her own ground. It’s exciting to think about, what her life could have been like had she maybe, shown somebody her work. But who knows, maybe there’s still room to write her in, I bet theres just a  litttttle space between Robert Frank and Emmet Gowen.

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