A completely random assortment of stuff I have kept. Camera Recording its Own Condition (7 Apertures, 10 Speeds, 2 Mirrors) 1971 by John Hilliard born 1945John Hilliard, Camera Recording Its Own Condition (7 Apertures, 10 Speeds, 2 Mirrors) 1971. Source. 

Screen shot 2013-07-18 at 9.28.09 PMSource. 

Nimbus-02-640Berndnaut Smilde, Nimbus Green Room 2013. Source. 

Screen shot 2013-07-18 at 9.37.39 PMDavid Mowbray, A Heavy Regret 2011. Artist Website Here. 

slide_306544_2651672_freeLyvia Aylward-Davies, I Will Shit On Everything You Love 2011. Artist Shop Here. 

IMG_8389_2Brad Downey for PublicArt Horsens 2013. Source. 

tumblr_mhzu55BeYD1qi2f19o1_500Pictures of Pictures of Chris Burden, Urban Light 2008 @ Lacma. Source. 

Marsden-in-Caro-02-320(A cat on) Anthony Caro, Case Study 2011. Source. 

tumblr_mojfwutPnh1qdrgo9o1_500David Mowbray, The Wordless Opponent.  

Adam Larsen & Janice Lancaster, Ever Ever Ever 2008.

frank-41-CustomRobert Frank, For The Glory of the Wind and the Water 1976. Source.

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