15 Second of Fame

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While I was in New York City, I saw the John Baldessarri Retrospective, Pure Beauty, at the Met. I hadn’t seen many of his photography works, and I loved his play with words and images to grasp at deeper meanings to rather worldly subject matter. I became pretty interested in him and came home to do some researching on the internet. I know I had learned about John Baldessari, but whoooo is he?

What I found was a distraction. 15 Seconds of Fame. A John Baldessari Public Art Project in Sydney. Submit your name for a chance to be 1- in possibly 100,000, to have their name projected on the side of the Australian Art Museum for 15 seconds. So I submitted.

And I will get my 15 seconds of fame in Australia at 5:26:20 PM on January 25. Which happens to be 11:26:20 P.M. tonight, January 24 for me here in Arizona.

There is a live stream of the names found at this website, if you wanted to watch my 15 seconds of fame tonight! I would log on a couple minutes earlier because a certain flashplug has to be downloaded and it might take a couple seconds!

Also it’s not to late to submit your name!! Registration can be found on that site to.


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  1. I saw the Baldessari exhibition when I was in NY too. This man has sooo many ideas, it’s insane. I really like a lot of his work, & I love this public project. I dunno if it’s too late but I totally signed up too hahaha.

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