A Bond.


Mike and Doug Starn’s Studio Website Here.BBMet_06.03.2010_S2257f_42x42_nails

Mike and Doug Starn, BBMET 2010.

BBV_05.20.11_3594Mike and Doug Starn, Untitled 2010.

Mike and Doug Starn, Untitled from Structure of Thought 2012.

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 6.46.26 PMMike and Doug Starn, Structure of Thought # 21, 2001-2007

the no-mind not-thinks no-things, poplufMike and Doug Starn, The No-Mind, Not-Thinks, No-Things 2001-2012

Vision doesn’t work like a camera, the mind is an interpreter of constantly fed information. Not just from your eyes, but also from all of your sensory inputs simultaneously, these are your interfaces to the world. Your mind decodes and understands the information based on a lifetime of constructions, memories, desires and learning… it is through all that that we “see. –Mike and Doug Starn

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