brighter days

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spent the day catching up on the Internet, re-designing the blog for brighter days & looking at a lot of photographs. This collection is what I liked the most.
Leah Sobsey
Sash Rudensky

top: Leah Sobsey, Untitled 2013.    Artist Website Here. 
bottom: Sasha Rudensky, Unititled from Remains 2005.    Artist Website Here. 

michael Frank Relle Yupelo

top: Michael Marquette, Inkerman rink #4, 2012.     Source Website Here.  
bottom: Frank Relle, Tupelo from New Orleans Nightscapes I.     Artist Website Here.

PAT2006004Z00025-01shane gray

top: Trent Parke, Untitled 2006.    Artist Website Here.  
bottom: Shane Gray, Untitled from Roosevelt Island.     Artist Website Here. 

Screen shot 2013-05-19 at 8.26.51 PMtumblr_ml1gnosZsL1qa2kmxo1_1280

top: Shane Gray, Untitled from Manhattan Project 2012.     Artist Website Here. 
bottom: Todd Gross, Untitled from April 10, 2013.     Artist Website Here. 

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