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For the past month I have been working with a group on curating a hypothetical exhibition as part of  a project for my grad program. Here are two artists (out of nine) from our exhibition, Consume THIS! Excess, Infatuation and the Entertainment Industry. 


Dawn Mellow, Scarlett Johansson 2010945233_10102425035092131_561828877_n

Dawn Mellor, Natalie Portman 2010935789_10102425035097121_1922568615_n

Dawn Mellor, Meryl Streep 2010

Dawn Mellor’s Artist Website Here. 


Andrea Mary Marshall, Toxic Woman Installation 2011 PageImage-498924-2675279-200001TheTwinsIssue

Andrea Mary Marshall, The Twins Issue 2011PageImage-498924-2675352-200601TheLindsayMugshotIssue

Andrea Mary Marshall, Untitled 2011PageImage-498924-2675297-200104TheFrenchFriesIssue

Andrea Mary Marshall, The French Frys Issue 2011PageImage-498924-2675314-200208ThePregnancyIssue

Andrea Mary Marshall, Jennifer Anniston Issue 2011PageImage-498924-2675339-200408TheKardashianNursesIssue

Andrea Mary Marshall, The Kardashian Nurse Issue 2011

Andrea Mary Marshall’s Artist Website Here. 

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