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Trevor Paglen’s Artist Website Here. 97web

Trevor Paglen, Untitled (Reaper Drone) from Untitled (Drones) 2010


Trevor Paglen, Singleton/SBW ASS-R1 and Three Unidentified Spacecraft (Space Based Wide Area Surveillance System; USA 32), (2012)Trevor-Paglen_COSMOS-2084-in-Draco-2012_Metro-Pictures-New-York

Trevor Paglen, COSMOS 2084 in Draco (Russian Oko [“Eye”] Early-Warning Satellite) (2012)


Trevor Paglen: KEYHOLE/IMPROVED CRYSTAL Optical Reconnaissance Satellite (USA 129) near Scorpio, from The Other Night Sky  2007

Screen shot 2013-04-24 at 9.31.37 PM

Trevor Paglen, PAN (Unknown; USA-207)  from The Other Night Sky 2010-201

A film for his work on The Last Pictures.


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