from Homeland.

Art, Photography

Iselton, 640

Larry Sultan, Iselton from Homeland 2009

Corte Madera Marsh 640

Larry Sultan, Corte Madera Marsh from Homeland 2009

Cul-de-sac, Antioch 640

Larry Sultan, Cul-de-sac,  Antioch from Homeland  2008

New Homes, Inland Empire 640

Larry Sultan, New Homes, Inland Empire from Homeland  2008

Welcome, Bienvenidos 640

Larry Sultan, Welcome, Bienvenidos from Homeland  2008

Meander, Corte Madera 640

Larry Sultan, Meander, Corte Madera from Homeland  2006

Larry Sultan’s Gallery Representation here. 

When it comes down to making work that really sings, I don’t know if I can teach any of it. I don’t even know if I can do any of it half the time. It’s so much about failure, it’s so much about making pictures that are so utterly boring and overstated, you’re endlessly disappointed. And in that process you hopefully find something that draws you back and calls to you.Larry Sultan.

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