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More Mexico City adventures, this time focusing on the sculptural works I encountered. cloud space

Looking up at the Ancient School of San Ildefonso.


A work in the “Rutal de la Amistad” – A sculpture park originally created for the 1968 Mexico City Cultural Olympia. 

Learn more about this sculptural monuments Here.light up

Grimanesa Amoros, Huanchaco 2012 (inside a concrete sculpture complex for the “Rutal de la Amistad”)lightin

Grimanesa Amoros, Huanchaco 2012. Learn more & watch a video of installation HERE. down

Aerial view of Courtyard Installation @ Ancient School of San Ildefonso.


Laura Lima, 2/4 2013 @ MUACinternvetion2

Laura Lima, 2/4 2013 @ MUAC. muac

Yona Friedman, Architectura sin Construccion 2013 @ MUAC.shadow of it

(shadow) Yona Friedman, Architectura sin Construccion 2013 @ MUAC. muac03

Sculpture park @ MUAC. park

I believe the same artist did all of these works, but I can’t be positive as I couldn’t find labels. muac rainbow

But they were wonderful to explore and were hidden enough that it was a surprise when the rugged path we were following led to one. 


smokking area

work in front of the Jumex Collection Space.

reflections in muac

@ the Muac. close up

detail of light installation.

& because it is just too great not to share.. some of my classmates and I having a moment. [[Photographs taken by Tara Westermann]]

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