Death Star and the Mayans.

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I saw this piece by Ulises Figueroa at the Monterrey Biennial and although it’s not the most serious or deeply thought-provoking work, it was probably the most entertaining and engaging piece at the exhibition. We all crowded around it for a solid ten minutes pointing out the various figurines and pop-culture references, laughing at the newly acquired knowledge that when we see Jabba the Hut.. the end is probably near. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 


Ulises Figueroa, The History of the Universe 2011

begining detail

detail of the beginning

ariel view of the middle.. pirate ships, mayans, coca-cola and refrigerators.

detail of the beginning of the end, rock-n-roll, communism and the death star.



many pictures being taken. (The end will be well documented).


Ulises Figueroa, The History of the Universe 2011

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