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I made it back to the city just in time to see the last day of Nick Cave’s public art piece ‘Heard’ at Grand Central Station. I wasn’t in the most optimal viewing location but through the cracks of the crowd I witnessed more than a dozen colorful horses  gallop and dance through the hall, transforming a location of bustling transition into a spectacle of playful wonder. 

nick cave 02


The horse costume sits on a sawhorse in between performances. 
IMG_5257a better view of the idle horses. [Photograph by Dustin R. Bailey.]

Nick Cavebefore the performance

horse hideDetail of the horse hide. [photo by Dustin R. Bailey]


Read more about Nick Cave’s Heard HERE & HERE.

[Special thanks to my friend Dustin R. Bailey for providing me with a sweet video of an earlier performance and some photographs]

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