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Like most people in the artworld, I spent the past week marathoning through all the art fairs in New York. It was exhausting. Here is some of what I saw (I apologize for the lack of titles.. I was on sensory overload.)armory

Tobias Bernstrup, Hope 2012 @ Armory.


Helen Frankenthaler opening @ GagosianIMG_4892

Rachel Rossin, Holy See 2013 @ the Spring Break Art FairIMG_4908

Rooftop lounge @ Independent Art FairIMG_4910

Cat Sculpture @ Volta Art Fair

Jung Lee @ ArmoryIMG_4919

work by Mark Jenkins @ Volta (Artist Website Here)IMG_4925

Airan Kang @ Armory. IMG_4961

David Kramer @ Armory. IMG_4971

Jonathan Marshall, Every was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt (For Kurt Vonnegut) 2012-2013 @ armory.IMG_4972

Peter Liverside, Etc, 2011IMG_4973

Fred Wilson @ Armory. IMG_4974

Scott Reeder @ Armory. IMG_4975

Self Portrait through Chiho Akama mirror @ VoltaIMG_4976

Barbara Kruger @ ArmoryIMG_4941

Justin Lieberman, Photo Cameras @ Armory.armory 2

Day’s End Lounge @ Armory.

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