Classic Tuesdays

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Mel Bochner

Mel Bochner, Actual Size (Hand and Face) 1968

Mel Bochner 03

Mel Bochner, If the Color Changes (#10) 2000

Mel Bochner 02

Mel Bochner, Fjord 1984

Mel Bochner 04

Mel Bochner, Blah, Blah, Blah 2010

Mel Bochner 05

Mel Bochner, No 2010

Mel Bochner 007

Mel Bochner, Oh Well, 2010

Mel Bochner 08

Mel Bochner, Colon Open Parenthesis 2011

Mel Bochner’s Artist Website HERE. 

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