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public private 05

The Exhibition Entrance is made out of QR codes that lead to artist making art utilizing the internet. 

Exhibition Website Herepublic private 1

Paolo Cirio’s Street Ghosts

public pirvat 2

Wafaa Bilal’s 3rdi

{This man surgically inserted a camera into the back of his head that took a photograph every minute, which got automatically uploaded to his site.}

public private 03

James Coupe’s Panoptic Panorama #2: Five People in a Room

public private 08

{The camera records you then loops it on the screens and matches the loop with twitter posts that fit your demographic. Me and Danielle just liked to take pictures of us taking pictures}

public private 06

Video camera that records people in gallery for Panoptic Panoramapublic private 04

 Paolo Cirio and Alessandro Ludovico’s Face to Facebook 

public private 07

exhibition statement. 
Check out The Public Private  at Parson’s {on 12th and 5th} until April 17.

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