Classic Tuesdays

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Roman Vishniac, Sunlight streaming into a railway station, Berlin 1920-1935.

Roman Vishniac

Roman Vishniac, Wolf and Mara Vishniac in the Baltic Sea, Latvia 1934.

Roman Vishniac, Boy with kindling in basement dwelling, Krochmalna Street, Warsaw 1935–38.

Roman Vishniac 2
Roman Vishniac, Vienna at Night 1930-1939.


Roman Vishniac, Interior of the Anhalter Bahnhof railway terminus, near Potsdamer Platz, Berlin 1920s–early 1930s.

Go see Roman Vishniac: Rediscovered now on view at the International Center of Photography.

Everything made by human hands looks terrible under magnification–crude, rough, and asymmetrical. But in nature every bit of life is lovely. And the more magnification we use, the more details are brought out, perfectly formed, like endless sets of boxes within boxes. – Roman Vishniac

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  1. Fantastic. Love the top one, especially. My heart belongs to b + w, shadows, reflections, and sunbeams, though you wouldn’t necessarily know that from my blog.

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