living sculpture

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William Lamson

William Lamson, Icicle Intervention, Victor, Idaho, 2007. Artist Website Here. 

Tait Simpson

Tait Simpson, Pride, Reykjavik, Iceland, 2009 Artist Website Here. 

MIcah Matthews

Micah Matthews, Untitled 2013

Runa IslamRuna Islam, What is a Thought Experiment, Anyhow? 2005-2006. Artist Website Here. 

Younga Park

Youngna Park, Untitled from Specific Light 2012. Artist Website Here. 

Sabine Hornig

Sabine Hornig, No. 004, Window IV (Balloons) 2001. Artist Website Here. Justin Visnesky

Justin Visnesky, Untitled from Sometimes You Just Know. Artist Website HereViktor Gardsater

Viktor Gardsater, Balloon Man’s Last Walk 2013 Artist Website Here. 

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    1. Glad you enjoyed it.. Wiliam Lansom has some really great work and I hope you were able to check out his site. Thank you for joining my site, you are my 300th wordpress follower and I appreciate you visiting! : )

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