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Nam June Piak

Nam June Paik, ElectroSymbio-Phonics for Phoenix, 1992. On view at the Phoenix Art Museum.

The moment I first saw  Nam June Paik’s, ElectroSymbio-Phonics at the Phoenix Art Museum and learned that it was originally commissioned and installed in the Phoenix Sun’s Arena.. I instantly fell in love with the pioneer of video art.  I am very eager to get myself over to Washington D.C. to experience the Smithsonian’s monumental exhibition, Nam June Paik: Global Visionary. The Smithsonian has on view over 140 of Paik’s most pivotal works, from their newly acquired Nam June Paik Archive, as well as borrowed works from public and private collections. It looks like a substantially impressive exhibition and I look forward to experiencing it.

Check out a photo gallery & review Here & if your in the area go see it before it closes August 11.

nam june paikNam june paik

top: Nam June Paik, Electronic Superhighway: Continental U.S. 1995   bottom: Nam June Paik, TV Garden 1974-2000. [photo credit: Chang W.Lee/NYTs]

Also, check out the Paik-Abe Video Synthesizer an invention that Paik claimed..

will enable us to shape the TV screen canvas
as precisely as Leonardo
as freely as Picasso
as colorfully as Renoir
as profoundly as Mondrian
as violently as Pollock
and as lyrically as Jasper Johns.

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