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I came across’s list of Top Most Iconic Artworks of the Past 5 Years. Here are the works I have seen (and agree with) from the list. Check out the full list here, how many have you experienced??

46. Glenn Ligon, Ruckenfigur 2009 (seen @ fort worth modern)

glenn ligon

39. Iwan Baan, The City and the Storm 2012 (cover of the New York Magazine‘s November issue)

iwan baan

[photo credit: here.]

37. Tom Sachs, Space Program:Mars 2012


space program website.

36. Olafur Eliasson, New York City Waterfalls 2008

Olafur Eliasson

[image credit: here]

32. William Powhida, How the New Museum Committed Suicide with Banality 2009


[image credit: here.]

29. Maurizio Cattelan, All 2011 @ the Guggenheim cattelan

26. Michael Heizer, Levitated Mass 1969-2012 (Haven’t seen it in person but have posted about it here.

levitated mass,

[photo credit: here]

18. Chris Burden, Urban Light 2008

kaylan Lucas urban lights

[photo credit: Kaylan Lucas instagram: follow here]

16. David Hockney, iPhone Drawing 2009 (Seen at the Royal Academy, 2012)

david hockney David Hockney

13. Christian Marclay, The Clock, 2010

the clockthe clockthe clock

9. GIlbert and George, London Pictures, 2011 (Seen at White Cube, 2012) 

[image credit: here.]

1. The Artist is Present by Marina Abramovic at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. If you missed this exhibition check out the HBO Documentary, The Artist is Present. 

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