look out, see in.


A year ago, I could never  have dreamed where I would be sitting today.. it just proves that if you make positive changes and believe in yourself, anything can happen.  Today is for reflection & contemplation, tomorrow for renewal, second chances and great beginnings.  

[Here’s some blog highlights from 2012]

Favorite exhibitions of 2012: 


Maurizo Cattelan: All @ the Guggenheim (My Post HERE.)

photo-8 kusama Yayoi

Yayoi Kusama: Retrospective @ the Tate Modern & The Whitney.

(My Post on Both Exhibitions HERE, HERE,  HERE +HERE )

Glen ligon

Glenn Ligon: America Retrospective seen @ The Fort Worth Modern. (My post HERE)

Places traveled in 2012. 


Paris, France: Me in front of the Louvre and the clock inside the Musee Orsay

europe4 euopre3

London and Oxford: My message on the wall in front of Abbey Road Studios and the tree of Christ Church College, Oxford

 (Post HERE.)

img_3622 img_2669

Brazil: Louise Bourgeois, Spider 1996 @ the MAM in Sao Paulo and a Self-Portrait @ a Sao Paulo Gallery.  (Post HERE.)

Favorite art seen in  2012:


Joseph Kosuth, One and Three Chairs 1965 @ the Centre Pompidou & John Chamberlain, Frostydickfantasy 2008 @ the Seagram Building. (Post HERE.)


Christain Marclay, The Clock 2010 @ The Lincoln Center & Wall of Text from SMoCA’s “This is  Present from a Small Distant World.” (Post HERE.)


Self Portrait- Through Tomas Saraceno, Cloud City on the roof of the Met & Stefan Sagmeister, Happiness Instructional Card Dispenser, 2012 @ the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia (Post HEREHERE)

Top Posts:



1. Oh, It’s a Rock. (Post HERE.) 2. The New Aesthetic (Post HERE.)  3. The Canon. (Post HERE.)

Other Highlights:

matthew moore

I worked on Matthew Moore’s solo exhibition at the Phoenix Art Museum and got my name published in a book for the first time. 


I welcomed my brother home from the war. (Post HERE.)


I enjoyed watching The Artist is Present: Marina Abramovic and Gregory Crewdon:  Brief Encounters. (Post HERE.)

life-deathimg_1319  photo-5

I moved from Arizona to Texas then on to New York City. 


I started Graduate School and spent most of my days inside a library. 

Jacque Donaldson Jacque Donaldson Jacque Donaldson Jacque Donaldson

& most importantly, I have continued to do what makes me happiest, capturing and exploring the world through my camera lens. (More Posts HERE.)

I just want to say Thank You to those who read. 2012 was the best yet here @ thedreambeing. As I begin my third year of publishing this site I know it is only going to be another promising year full of art, adventures and dreaming big. Cheers!


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