So it begins.

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Thinking about all the families and soldiers who head into their holiday season separated. After last year, I don’t think the holidays could possibly ever look the same to me, but I am beyond thankful that I get this year with my entire family.. 

Peter van Agtmael, Untitled from Inside the Wire:American WarsPeter Van Agtmael, Untitled from On Patrol:American Wars

Peter van Agtmael, Untitled from On Patrol: American Wars

Peter Van Agtmael’s Website.

Adam Ferguson, Untitled from Wardak Series

Adam Ferguson, Untitled from Wardak Series

Adam Ferguson, Untitled from Wardak Series

Adam Ferguson’s Website.

One thought on “So it begins.

  1. Glad the family will be together. I saw Mom yesterday and left her with a show tune, “Start spreadin’ news, I’m leaving today…..” have fun.

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