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Today is one of my favorite authors, Kurt Vonnegut’s birthday and even though he’s not around to celebrate it.. I couldn’t let it pass unnoticed. What a man, what a man. 
Fred Conrad, Kurt Vonnegut Portrait 

Kurt Vonnegut, Confetti #6  2004

Kurt Vonnegut, A Tree is Trying to Tell Me Something 12/21/2006

Kurt Vonnegut, Confetti #23 2004

Kurt Vonnegut, Confetti # 4 2004

Kurt Vonnegut, Negative Neocon Wallpaper 2006

Kurt Vonnegut, Confetti #09 2004

[See more Kurt Vonnegut screenprints HERE]  (Also you can purchase most of these screenprints SIGNED by Vonnegut himself.. what an amazing Christmas present idea..) 

and my favorite quote.. { I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can’t see from the center.} Kurt Vonnegut, Player Piano

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