Crushed Velvet Dreams

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Still reporting from SoPo here..hopefully power and my cozy East River Apartment is in my near future though!  I have been dying to edit and post some of the photographs from the trip to Brazil I went on right before the Hurricane hit. Unfortunately those photographs are all on my precious computer back home.. so until then here are some (not the best quality) photographs taken with my iphone & instagram. I attended the Sao Paulo Biennial, Sao Paulo’s Museum of Modern Art, the Itau Cultural, and many, many galleries. Can’t wait till I can share all the amazing art I saw during my week stay. 

the epic ramp leading up to the Sao Paulo Biennial

inside the Sao Paulo biennial.. very Guggenheim-esque, no? 

Waldemar Cordeiro, Labyrith @ the Sao Paulo Biennial, 2012

Louise Bourgeois, Spider  1996 @ the MAM in Sao Paulo

Os Gemeos graffiti on the side of Sao Paulo MAM.

Sao Paulo is covered in graffiti.. some quite stunning…,

most not so much

Self Portrait through a Lygia Clark artwork @ the Itau Cultural

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  1. These are awesome photos! I especially love the reflections in glass. You ” don’t need no stinkin’ fancy camera!” It’s the eye behind the camera that has the magic.

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